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audra jamison.

The newest member of our family, Audra Jamison, was born November 16th. 8lbs 9oz . Ever since I have had a blog- each baby we’ve brought home has had their own little post on here….so Audra is no exception :) Audra’s birth was the easiest and quickest of the four and I’m so thankful for that! The nurses and my doctor were wonderful, and everything seemed more peaceful than my previous labors.

So far, Audra has been pretty laid back (she is a newborn who sleeps all of the time of course!) and she has been given lots of love. All three of the kids are constantly checking on her to make sure she is doing ok. If one sibling is not next to her, another one will be within five minutes….I’m not exaggerating :) Beau is always giving her kisses, Leland helps with diapers, and Reagan always want to give her the “pinky” (binky) ha!

I’m going to post a few newborn photos that I took of her and the meaning of her name soon. We love you so much already miss Audra!


Great Grandma at the lake

She is beautiful and I can see all the other children loving her to pieces. What a precious gift to all of you. Love Great Grandma❤️

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