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beginning of november.

Autumn has come and gone…but I wish it would have stayed a little bit longer! :) We enjoyed the weather over the past couple of months but I guess now it’s almost time for winter..and cold…and snow. Yikes! Are you a fan of cold weather? (I’m not really!) But you know, the good news is that Christmas the holidays are near! Anyway…we loved autumn and I want to share a couple photos! So often I wish that I could only post the “pretty pictures” on this blog…the ones where everything is ‘just so’ but to be honest, that’s not reality. Reality and blogs and instagram all kind of don’t go together sometimes. So, I wanted to post some photos taken at the beginning of this month….most of them just at the park, or in our backyard. It’s just real life and the beauty  of fall, too :)

For some reason, Leland loves that pink/red hat! It’s too big on him but eh, he doesn’t care :)

All smiles all day long :)

…Love these two




Okay,… I love these pictures. your blog is so cute! glad I found it!

Great photos! It’s nice to see some “regular” photos as you said, of you and your little fam just hanging out. Beau is SUCH a sweetie!!!

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