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these days.

this weekend has been so relaxing. i am glad we’ve had a nice weekend to relax because this next week is going to be pretty crazy…we have so much going on! christmas parties, a wedding, appointments, and much more. not to mention, christmas is only two weeks away. jay helped me wrap a bunch of presents this afternoon and leland…well, he just watched :) as i type this, jay and i are watching a christmas carol with the fire going and the snow falling outside. so beautiful. i absolutely love this time of year!

here are some pictures from the last few weeks or so (yes, jay is standing outside in one-in 60 something degree weather and another with snow. crazy how the weather here changes so quickly!)

i hope you are having a lovely weekend!



Nice pictures, beatiful baby. Takes us back many years! Our youngest is now 18.

Hope you guys have a great Christmas.


thank you! may you and yours have a wonderful christmas also!

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