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little moccasins.

i had gotten these little moccasins before leland was born. i can’t believe he can fit in them already! tomorrow he will be fifteen weeks old. before i know it he will be rolling over, eating cereal, and sitting up on his own. i’m beginning to see why parents always say that time goes by fast. if only time could slow down just a little. but i am enjoying each little new thing he learns…just too cute.

have a lovely thursday.



omggg those are the cutest! my husband just bought a similar, much larger, pair over the weekend… so silly! you are such a gorgeous family! xx

AH! this melts my heart. so adorable.


those little shoes are the cutest!! hes such a adorable little guy! :)

Now, you must realize, Arielle, that ‘we’ used to wear those moccasins in high school! Lol!! They were the fashion of the day, and oh how I loved them! They look even better on Leland, though! :) He is absolutely adorable, and this is such a precious photo! How well I remember, they do grow way too fast, and it seems that time speeds up as well …. grab every little moment you can!

Bless you!


Oh, the time does fly. And, and do mark all of his growth progress on a calendar or in a journal. Years down the road, you will not remember how much he weighed at 15 weeks, or when his first tooth broke through, or when he took his first trip to the park, but you’ll wish you did! Write it ALL down. All of those little “achievements” are special. :)

freaking out over those little mocs… arielle, he is just SO so so adorable.

oh my! those are precious! wherever did you find such awesome mocs for your babe? xo

aaaah! SO CUTE!!!!

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