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little expressions.

i bought this little giraffe hat for leland from the gap outlet for $1.99. (it is pretty much not a good thing that we live so close to a gap outlet. like five little minutes away! to be honest, it can be quite tempting to go and look. i go and look and usually find some things i want to buy but don’t need to buy.) but i did need to buy this little hat, because it’s just so cute! these pictures really made me laugh…love these little expressions!

getting a little frustrated…

now getting a little upset…

oh! getting ready…

…there he goes! takin’ care of business. hahaha.

have a beautiful sunday!



That hat! Oh my goodness… I love it! His face in the 6th picture looks like one he was making last time we were at Starbucks. Too cute. :)


aww those are too funny! thanks for sharing! =)

Tommy Gausman

Tooooo! Cute

Love MaGe

So, so cute!!

Little ones are the best.


Rebekah Stone

haha that last picture is SO funny! :)

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