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there is warmer weather. 65 degree weather!

about how God provides for His children. (matthew 6:25-34)

a husband who will run to the store to pick up leland’s formula in the late hours of the night.

to spend money on a budget. more like, just. not. spending.

an etsy store….yep.

to be very productive today.

the outsiders. i never get tired of hearing this song!

a book on being a peacemaker.

that leland and i get over this cold that we both have very soon. (lots of vitamin c for me.)

i think there is some of my camera equipment in almost every room.

is a sunny day, driving with the windows down, listening to country to music on a back road. so excited for spring. and yep, i like country music. it’s down to earth. (except for the honkytonk/redneck songs. noo thank you!)

a bit of work, spending time with my family & friends, celebrating my brother’s 15th bday.

i love these two.



:). Sorry I comment a lot on blogs so please don’t think I’m crazy or stalking. Ha ha. I just really adore your story and your blog and it brings so much joy and peace to my, at times, uneasy, unrested heart and mind. Your son is amazing!! I cannot wait to be a mother in my Fathers will.



I love you!!!!!!!!! :)

cute pics! i like this new daybook thing you’re doing. :)

Ooooh what’s going to be in your etsy store?! How exciting!

Tommy Gausman

What a bald headed Cutie…..That’s my Leland……in misses Swans words…, Jay He Looka Lika Man Love u guys MaGe

estsy? YAY.

Oooh… link me to the etsy shop when you get it up. That’ll be fun. :) I’m listening to The Outsiders now, too. Love that song, and the acoustic version is great! The spring weather really makes me want to whip out Needtobreathe in my car with the moon roof down. ^_^ Those pictures of your guys are so cute. :)

I want to do this on my blog! What a wonderful idea !

Love your blog! Seriously, love your story and your photography is so inspiring to me! Love the daybook idea! I think I need to do this on my blog!! ;-)

so i found your blog through flowerchild dwelling (i think) and i love it. your family is beautiful, you’re beautiful and you seem pretty cool too :) i’m inspired

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