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photo outtakes.

i’ve been trying to update my photography website, so i asked jay to take a couple pictures of me for my about page. i let him use my camera (AHH!) for a couple of minutes to do so. anywhoo, here’s a few of them. the location reminds me of germany or a countryside in europe. (…i wish! but really this is just next door to the neighborhood i live in.) i feel a little strange for posting a few pictures of myself but eh, oh well. just enjoy the pretty scenery :)

…take one, haha.

the end!



Love these, Arielle. Jay did a good job! ;)


thanks kristin :) ha ha…he did, especially for only using the camera a couple times!


Give Jay a high-five!! I really like the one of you looking into your camera!


Hello there!
I cannot believe you said you wish this was germany,haha.i do live in germany and i wish i wouldn’t.we couls swap if ya like,hah!!
You are an amazingly pretty girl and i really enjoy your blog :)


aw thank you! :)

Arielle, I’m so happy I stumbled upon your beautiful blog. I love these rustic images. And, what adorable baby pictures!

first, you are truly gorgeous. second, i’m smitten with your boots! i’ve been on the hunt for the a pair of brown boots and these ones are perfect!


thank you so much dear! aw, the boots are so comfortable…i love them ( <3

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