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love these two.

i can’t believe leland is already over four months old. four months…where has the time gone?! it feels like just yesterday we were patiently waiting for him to come.  these last four months have been full of joy, patience, and learning. i love these two so much…

have a blessed wednesday…



So precious. I have baby fever so bad. I want to have kids, but we just aren’t ready yet. Being married for 9 months is long enough right? They are adorable. I can’t wait to see my husband holding OUR child and for all those other sweet moments.

Aww, I love these. He looks so much more mature. He is going to be a handsome boy- like his daddy :) – <3 Mom

oh! leland is just too precious!! :) he looks like such a little man! you have such a beautiful family! :) blessings!

Aw. So sweet! :]
My daughter just turned one and I still can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday we had just brought her home from the hospital and she was just a little glow worm.

He’s so precious! And I love how baby and Daddy match with their stripes. So cute!
Our Babes are only 3 months apart! I just posted Jaelyn’s 7 month post. Time FLIES!
Happy 4 months, little man!

leland is so handsome! cute pics <3

so precious. He is beautiful and I love his name!

Leland is so handsome!!!! I do have to admit I was taken aback by the couch your hubby and baby are sitting on. It’s pretty lovely. lol I bet your house is beautifully decorated. I get the vibe you got the gift of decor!


These pictures are SO Adorable.

so cute! look at leland’s tiny smile! :)

i’m a new reader, and i have to say your family is so beautiful. doesn’t the time seem to disappear once you have a little one? my littlest, ezra, just turned two months old and my older son, henry, will be five in may. and it was like i blinked, and it was gone. i don’t want either of them to get any bigger! it’s such a lovely and blessed thing to have babies, and to have family. loved this post, and love your blog.

I just wanted to tell you that I checked out your photography. You are incredibly talented! I love the natural light style of photography. I’d love to get a nice camera one day, but for now I just play with my good ‘ole point and shoot.

Oh, and I bet you are so glad you had Leeland when you did. Our “plan” is a couple years as well, but I’ll be so happy for God’s timing in regards to kids may come…whenever that may be. :)

Love these. So, so sweet.

eeeek! i just want to squeeze him… he’s the cutest little thing ever!

It must be amazing to be a photographer and get these adorable shots! They are so cute :)

such sweet photos! where did you get that onesie? it’s so so cute!

love the lighting in these.
and my baby girl will be 4 months in a little over a week.
it seems like you wait forever on them to come and then
when they arrive they grow so fast you can barely keep up.

SO SO sweet! Your blog and your family are adorable, Arielle. And you have a great middle name – I have the same one! :) Spelled differently though. Spelled totally weirdly, actually. Alyse. Anyway, sounds like we’re on similar, crazy adventures. I look forward to following your blog! :)

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