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a different heart. {guest post}

(a dear friend of mine, yolanda, has written a little something i’ve been really wanting to share. she has the cutest little daughter and has another little one on the way! i’m very excited for her little family. you can visit her blog here. i love what she has to say about having a different heart) :

ever since i read “the mission of motherhood,” sally clarkson has become one of my favorite Christian authors. i’ve also read her book, “the ministry of motherhood” and am currently reading her newest book, “dancing with my father.”

in chapter 2, sally writes about how david had a different heart. growing up, sally loved to hear her mom dramatize the story of david and goliath. on one special occasion, sally had the opportunity to compliment her son, nate’s, character by comparing it with david’s and sharing with him that when facing the giant, goliath, the israelite soldiers “lived in fear because of what they could see with their eyes. but david saw with his heart. he saw this challenge as an opportunity to show the greatness of God. and david pleased God greatly because he didn’t just say he loved God, but he showed it by his actions.”

sally’s mother defined “having a different heart” like this:

unfortunately, viewing life by what i saw with my eyes instead of through a heart that trusted in God’s goodness and faithfulness, is how i’ve lived most of my Christian life. having a different heart sooner would have saved me from falling for the devil’s lies, making bad, impatient choices, misrepresenting God’s character, and overall, making Christianity look lifeless and unappealing. however, with great joy, i can now testify that God has shaped in me a different heart as a result of the trials and challenges He has led me through in the past couple years. i can now affirm that trusting in the Lord with all your heart and acknowledging Him in all your ways instead of leaning on your own understanding and being wise in your own eyes, makes for an invigorating life (see proverbs 3:5-8)!


Thank you for this thought-provoking guest post. :)

i’m so encouraged by this!
i love that she shared it with her son. praise god.


Thank you for sharing these precious words! xo

This is such an encouraging and thoughtful post!! :) You’ve given me something to think about for the rest of the day. Loved this! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

I love this post. As someone who has a hard time doing this, I have to ask HOW do you have a different heart? What steps do you take to do this? How do you know that you are viewing things through God’s heart and not your eyes?

I am not doubting, but genuinely asking. I have trouble with this…

love this guest post!

I think what revolutionized things for me was when I was challenged to have a bigger view of God. I guess I used to base my view on God before on my circumstances and I would relate to Him according to my performance. But when I got my eyes off those things and focused on things like His power, glory, beauty, love, faithfulness, goodness… then I was able to walk more by faith. It’s holding on to Scripture and believing that it’s true. The passages that describe God’s greatness in Revelation help me a lot; it puts things into proper perspective for me. Getting outside and enjoying nature does it for me too. I can’t help but admire God’s greatness. Remembering what He’s done for me in the past helps me trust Him for future things too. I hope that helps a little bit. =)

Sally Clarkson

Thanks for this encouraging post. I am still learning to have a different heart and to see things from God’s perspective and to look at things with a long term view–from the view of heaven, eternity, character in my own life, God’s reasons for leading always being good.
Thanks for sharing this with me. I love your post.

lovely. I am saving that quote! God speaks to our hearts- we just have to learn how to listen :)

It was such a privilege to get to write something for your blog Arielle. I’ve always admired your heart for the Lord that I would see coming through the things you wrote online. Your blog is inspiring and encouraging to me. ♥

Beautiful! I am going to have to read her books!

It does and I appreciate your replying back to me. thank you for sharing this amazing blog entry!


thank you tawnie! :)


i’m so thankful you wrote something! ;) you always have such good things to share & are a huge encouragement to me! :)


Awwh :) I truly love this so much! So inspiring. <3

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