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last coupla weeks.

welp, there’s going to be a lot to do here this weekend :) it’s going to be a busy one. but i am loving the warmer weather! aren’t you so excited for spring?  i know i am.

anywho, here are some pictures taken with my phone from the last couple weeks:

hope that ya’ll have a blessed weekend…



I love that onesie he is wearing! That is so sweet! Where on Earth did you find it!? And your hair, in the 5th photo, looks fabulous. Hope you have a great weekend!

your hair looks beautiful curled! my hair goes flat so quick, you’re lucky :) hope you have a great weekend despite being busy!


yagoot is so delish! if you’re ever in the lexington area, you should try a place called ‘orange leaf.’ so amazing! it’s a self-serve frozen yogurt joint with like, 16 different flavors and a topping buffet! :)

your little boy is a doll, it makes me to have one of my own!

Yes, the warmer weather is amazing! What kind of instrument is in front of the guitar. I asked my hubby, but he didn’t know either. It looks pretty sweet though!

I hope you have a great weekend too!

The top left photo is adorable!

oh my word. i LOVE that onesie! if he loves Jesus as much as his adorable parents do, then he is a blessed little man.

So sweet!! I have a box full of little notes that Lewis has written to me, and he still does, even after (almost) 29 years! I treasure each and every one! *Yagoot … never heard of it, but I’m sure it’s healthy … right?! ;) We have one here in the mall, called Fruit Latte’ … it’s good, too, but not always so healthy! I just love all these images, and the way you presented them, Arielle! You have a blessed weekend, too! :)

I totally love that onesie!!

Great Pictures!

New follower =)

Ohhhh! I love your little brown flats, where did you find them? Super cute :)


That little love note is the cutest thing ever. Love these shots!


I love that necklace you’re wearing, it’s beautiful!!

1) My little one’s gigi is going to want to know where you got that onesie!

2) Your baby is adorable~

3)One of my BF’s has those mocs, but in turquoise/jade and LOVES them.

4) Please, feel free to post your hair tutorial in that pic. So pretty. If I knew what to do, I might attempt it.

5) I wish my hubby still had his mandolin. Such a lovely little instrument.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love the pictures! Your hair is beautiful!


thank you hilary!
they are from payless :)

i can’t wait for spring!, to go on long walks with the baby in the carrier :) ahhhhhh :)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I’ve been enjoying looking through both your blogs- Your photos are so beautiful and light and peaceful. I love them! Nice to meet you! :)

your little leland is so adorable!

and i’m SO happy it’s starting to look like spring around here…so refreshing!

I love that onesie that Leland is wearing and YOUR HAIR! Gorgeous :)

Lovely photos! Makes me want a little one :)

that little shirt is precious.
and you are beautiful


Love that onesie Arielle! Yes, have a good weekend, “see” you next week!

your son is so cute… he makes me laugh. and your photos are amazing!
have a lovely weekend! xo noli*

I just found your blog through another blog.. and I just have to say I love it! Now following… ^_^

(By the way your name is beautiful!!)

beautiful pics! lovin’ the onesie… where did you find that??


thank you so much for your kind comments! :)
i love the mandolin…such a sweet instrument.

blessings to you!


thank you marie! :)


thanks sommer!
our friends got it for us as a gift! (i think it’s from the family christian bookstore) :)


aw it’s a mandolin! love the little instrument :)


thank so much kimberly! :)


thanks courtney!
it was a gift from some friends of ours! (i think they got it from the family christian book store) :)


oh wow! 29 years…how awesome :) i am doing the same thing! collecting all of the little notes and letters jay writes to me.

hope you have a great weekend!


aw thank you mary!

awww these are all so cute! I love that note from your husband :D

I am definitely excited for Sping!!! Great pictures. I need a better camera on my phone. Phooey.

great pictures. love them all.

Ooo that drink looks delicious!

Such a sweet note from Jay!

I love the onesie the little one is wearing!

MaGe Terra

Just not enough……..please let me see more of this beautiful union of a family that i love……Wow you better have more children…….cause you got it down pat when it comes to making a great looking kid…….lol love MaGe

I love his onesie!!!! :) ‘Born to love jesus’ – that is soooooo cute :) and he definitely has wonderful parents to teach him all about his wonderful saviour :) love the note that jay wrote to you too :)

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