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i absolutely love spending time with leland in his little room. we get out some of his toys, lay on the floor, and listen to elizabeth mitchell. (he loves this cd. my lovely mom gave it to us for christmas and i’m pretty sure jay and i already have every song memorized. there is even a free songbook for the guitar i use and play the songs for leland. one of our favorites is three little birds )

anywho, i truly want to cherish these small moments with leland. i read this post the other day (which i recommend) that was such an encouragement. i loved what she had to say:

“…these are the sacrifices of our love, the moment by moment giving up of ourselves, the constant, year end year out practice of worship as we serve those in our home in order to please His heart.

it is for Him, for His kingdom that we serve with willing, generous, life-giving hearts, as the building of His kingdom is one heart at a time.”

whether you are working, in college, raising little ones at home….wherever you are in life,  may we make His name known in the small moments of today.



What a precious and lovely post! Really touched my heart! xo, Gabriella

Aww he has the biggest smile! =D I really love this post as well, its beautiful.

i can’t imagine what a big change in pace it must be to go from “grown-up world” to spending 24 hours with a baby! but yes, how precious :) also, i read one of your old posts about caring too much what other people think, and i have definitely done that too, since we got married young. i am glad you decided to just forget what others think and enjoy your life.

wow, I really needed that message today. You are inspiring!


What a lovely post!

Leland is so sweet!

Such a beautiful post! I bet he loves it too and will really remember times like these as he gets older!

What a cute little room!! His photos are absolutely precious! :) Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

I love his little beanie! And this post… so beautiful! The time spent with our little ones is such a moment that I think God gives us glimpses of who He is!!!

This is so sweet. And that cd? Darling. I can’t wait to have a little one. What a cute little guy.

Great post! Your site is always a source of inspiration for me…

praise God! love it! =)

oh my goodness how fun! His room is SO cute :) and do you mind me asking where you got your rocker? Mine creaks every time I rock it, so annoying!

Enjoy this sweet time Arielle. I remember those days and look back so fondly…he is just beautiful!

beautiful, and so encouraging.
thanks for including college in that statement.
sometimes its hard not to feel like my life is stalled here- like i’m waiting for it to begin.
but the truth is that all of my papers, my conversations with residents, my attitude towards all of the things that are my life now are important because they constitute my living sacrifice to Christ.

i needed to hear this!


He is such a cutie and I loved this post. It was truly amazing!! :)

He’s such a sweetie. What cute little shoes!

I’m sure he’ll love being able to read about these times, through your blog and your eyes, when he’s older. So special. :)

love is little outfit hanging up. really been enjoying reading your blog lately. thank you for sharing your heart. xoxo

Stacey Grubbs

i love the leland frame! lol


:) Wonderfully said.. :)

Looks like a perfect room for spending time with a baby. And he looks so very happy. x

This post made my heart smile! My husband and I were just talking about this same thing – making the small things, the small moments count for His glory. What we do here echos in eternity…so what am I doing with each day? Thank for the encouragement Arielle!

♥ LOVE! =)

I got to meet with my “group of grandmas” this morning at our women’s Bible study and I was just soaking up what they all had to share about keeping a home. One of the things they kept saying was how important relationships were and that time that you spend with your children.

In today’s culture, I think there’s that nagging guilt us moms can experience sometimes that comes from the message society sends women on what being productive and successful is. Spending those precious moments with your children IS significant and I love how you (and Sally Clarkson’s post) reminded us of that. =)

Me too! I imagine you made it! =)

such precious moments in those little everyday moments :)

he is beautiful!

Sally Clarkson

what an absolutely precious baby. Loved seeing your blog–it is beautiful. Thanks.

What a precious set of photos and a beautiful post :) I love the quote you shared… Off to read more!

What a sweet room! Love the scrabble letter L : ) You write such lovely posts.


Love your photography…decorating…color palette…your cute little son’s name…he is precious! Your blog is beautiful!

Very lovely post :)

thank you for the reminder! That is the mission and purpose. TO have his abounding joy and peace in each moment of our day despite what the circumstance is. Your son is so adorable, he is already developing a musical taste.


I had a friend recently tell me that it’s good to pray to become a proverbs 31 wife, but if you pray for that, expect god to sanctify you and mold you into it, not to give you those characteristics overnight. The molding process is sometimes a painful process of self sacrifice and denial of self. That you dont just “become” that woman by praying to be her, he uses your husband and babies to shape you into that woman.

Love this post.
Love lelands room.

what a beautiful baby, beautiful family & a beautiful blog. there’s so much goodness oozing here. glad i happened to stumble upon you. i love finding women of faith bloggers. i look forward to visiting again and again.

blessings & xo,

oh my goodness how happy that little man of yours is.
I saw that you said there is a music book for the guitar, is there one for the ukulele? I play and I would really love to get the cd and learn to play these songs. My kids love “three little birds” originally done by bob marley- they would flip if I learned it to a different version on my uke!

&& I forgot to ask, where did you get your beautiful purse? I love it.


Love the Bob Marley song – done by the little ones!

What a beautiful post, and such a good reminder. Especially when you hear “ma, ma, ma-MA” a million times a day. His little room is so sweet.

P.S. That is the verse that was on the flowers my mom had delivered to me the day I found out I was pregnant. Love that verse.

MaGe Terra

Love the last sentence of your blog……it’s more powerful than you can imagine……In subtle places… subtle times… doing so you can make people be curious …..and leave a lasting seed ……………….MaGe


This post and the one before are absolutely beautiful. What a blessing to have such a wonderful family. :-)

What a beautiful life you have! And I am totally digging that Scrabble art! Etsy?

I find comfort in your blog. I just posted one of the hardest things I have ever written and I inmediately came here right after. I just want you to know that you help me remember the “why”. You help me remember how beautiful life can be and how important faith is, no matter your religious beliefs. Gracias. Clau


thank you nickie! :)


aw, thank you lori!


thank you mary…
yes, that is so true! :)
many blessings to you…


yes! i so agree! there definitely is a negative message society sends to women today and a more positive message to those who are successful and out in “career world” ….not that it’s always a bad thing to work but i wish there was more encouragement out there for those who do stay at home!!


thank you stephanie! :)


thank you, claudia. that is truly encouraging. thank you so much :)
many blessings to you..


thank you tia! :) i’m not sure if there is a songbook for the ukulele, though that would be awesome! the purse/baby bag is from serena and lily …..



that is so true chelsea, thank you so much for sharing… :)


Oh my word, he is just ADORABLE!

Yes Children are a gift from the Lord.
What a cutie pie!!


We love Elizabeth Mitchell in our house too! I’m so glad I found her; I wouldn’t have thought I’d love children’s music.

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