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we’re back!

well, we’re back from our trip to new orleans! i am so glad that i decided to go (and leland too.) it was such a great trip and it was so good to see friends and dear brothers and sisters in Christ. jay and i took turns watching leland at night that way we were both able to be go out on the streets. we were able to take leland to the services and the projects downtown….this is the way i want to raise leland. just because we have a little one now doesn’t mean that we are just going to sit around and never go on any outreaches or mission trips anymore. sure, it’s a little harder, but it’s so worth it.

i took a lot of pictures and some video with my camera i’ll have to go through soon. but for now, here’s a little video i took with my phone from our trip:



Hi Arielle! I lost you when I had to change blogs! I’m so glad I found you again through “Faith Blogs.” Have a great week!

Love this video! You’ve got really great pictures on your blog too! Love them, so I’m following :) X from the Netherlands.

SO glad you have such a great time! I can’t wait to hear more about it!

How exciting! I can’t wait to hear more about what God did on this trip.

You guys are such a cute little family. I wish you guys lived near us!

so glad i found your blog through faith blogs. your video…”something beautiful” to watch. thank you for sharing.

So happy that you had such a good time!

I love what you said when you mentioned that “this is the way I want to raise Leland.” I agree whole heartedly! I want my daughter to grow up seeing her parents risk it all for the Sake of Christ. I want her to grow up from the start in a life of Service.

What a Beautiful trip! I can’t wait to hear more!

Been thinking lots about you all … so glad you’re back! Can’t wait to hear/see more! And, I totally agree with the above comment … just wish Lew & I had gotten out there like this when our son was younger. You’re starting out so right … and, Little Leland is blessed! And, what an awesome video, Arielle! It’s so well done … {one of my fav songs, too!} :)

Sounds like it was a wonderful trip!

Sounds like you had an amazing time! I loved the song on the video- beautiful indeed!

Lindy xxx


Hi Arielle,
I’m from Germany so please do not care about my bad english…
I just want to tell you that I found your blog by Danielle from Sometimes Sweet and that I just love it! You are so inspirering by the way you see things and live your live with your little family and God. I’m 23 years old, married, studied evangelic religion to become a teacher one day and by now I am staying at home to raise up my little ten month old girl. There are many things in my life that are likewise to your life and your blog is a real help to me! Thank you for this!

With a childhood like this Leland is definitely going to grow up not only loving Jesus, but loving people and having a heart for missions. That is one amazing guy you’re raising!

How amazing. Once again moved to tears (i say that because its the third time today! and its only 1:30…). Blessed to have witnessed it and blessed to know that there are young and old alike of the faith seeking to share the TRUTH and LOVE that is the gospel of Jesus Christ :)..


p.s. You guys are sooooo beautiful and adorable :)!!!

This looks like such a powerful experience! Lovely video!

LOVE this. That is my favorite song of all time, “Something Beautiful.” How did you take the video like this? Was it an app?
Also, seeing the people raising their hands in worship gave me chills. You touched my day! :)
<3 leigh

I’m always so encouraged when I read about parents who still manage to live their lives with little ones in tow. Whenever my husband and I talk about starting a family, I always get stuck on the fact that we won’t be able to keep on doing the things we love so I think we should wait. But you, and others, always seem to prove me wrong :)

looks like such an amazing trip. what organization did you go with?

looks like a holy experience! thanks for sharing.

aw! so glad that you had a great time :) and love the video!

such a fun little video! and to answer your question about my camera lens, in that photo i used a 35mm, hope that helps!


thank you! :)


thank you so much deborah for the sweet comment! :)
yes, gotta love needtobreathe ;)


thank you so much for your comment tanja. your words are so encouraging! :)
germany is such a beautiful country and your english is wonderful!

many blessings! <3


thanks leigh! yes, it was an iphone app that take vintage-looks videos :)
many blessings <3


thanks christy! we went with raven awesome ministry!


…oh, awesome! thanks so much :)

LOVE the video! A few years ago our church went on multiple relief trips to Mississippi and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Seeing that region again brought back great memories. God bless you guys in all that are doing! xxoo <3

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