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new orleans trip. (in photos)

to see more photos/videos of our trip & outreach gathered from different people in our group click here.


P.S. the other day i found that my photos were stolen and a fake profile was created on a website with them. i was able to file a copyright infringement & have had them taken off. pretty sad. if y’all ever see anything like this, please let me know. if you’d like to use a picture on here, feel free to e-mail me! thank you! xo.


These are gorgeous! I love the 3rd photo with the bubbles! <3

That's depressing that someone stole your photos like that. And kinda creepy. I've started to stick a watermark on my photos, just in case….

your pics are AMAZING!

I can’t believe that someone was using them as their own … That makes me so sad.

Lauren @ tickled.

the pics are wonderful and new orleans looks spectacular! :)

you guys are too cute! looks like you had a fun trip :)

WONDERFUL PICTURES! You have a beautiful face! :)

love this so much! looks like a great trip

Ok, could you guys be any more stunningly beautiful? I don’t think so!

And, seriously? I cannot believe that people do stuff like that. I’m so sorry that happened to you!

These are sweet. I love the one of you and little Leeland. It’s precious.

Oh and Jay does remind me of a modern version of Keith Green, now that you mentioned it the other day. He doesn’t sing and play does he? ;)

I can’t believe someone ripped off your photos. Crazy. Love the above photos from your trip.


That first photo of you and Jay is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely, friend. :) I’m sorry someone stole your photos! I’m glad you were able to take care of the issue. If I ever find anything like that, I’ll definitely let you know.

I love your pictures so much! Your use of light is amazing!

Beautiful photos! Your photography is stunning.

The weather looked amazing!

your newest follower!
your photography is feakin’ awesome! your family is gorgeous!
excited to join your beautiful journey :)

your newest follower!
your photography is freakin’ awesome! your family is gorgeous!
excited to follow your beautiful journey :)

lovely all around. Love the BOLD Jesus sweaters everyone wore. What a great time to reach out to the lost too. During a season that celebrates nothing but degradation and worthlessness :(…


I can’t believe someone stole your pictures! That it horrible.

I’m glad you reported it and it hasn’t deterred you from blogging beautiful images of you and your family.

– Amber xxx

Such a blessing to see these photos, and the ones on FB, Arielle! You documented it so well! Looks like the Lord did indeed bless your trip … I especially love the image with the little boy sitting and reading the Bible! That truly says it all! And Little Leland … oh, wow, how cute is he! :) I’m so glad you shared these with us!

P.S. I am so sorry to hear about your photos being stolen! Sad to say, I have heard of that happening before, but I am glad you got it taken care of!

You enjoy your weekend!
Blessings ~ Deborah

Okay seriously..your son is like so cute! And I love that your a natural light photographer. My favorie really. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for visting me blog.
I’m definantly a new follower and will be coming back.


That sucks about your photos! I can’t believe people do that.

Love this post, such stunning shots.

these are such beautiful pictures. I’m so sorry to hear that some of your photos got stolen, it is sad that some people do that.

i think your photos are wonderful and i´m glad that i found your blog.
and thanks for your post from the 4th march. it really brought me to think about it. and your right…i especially like the lower paragraph!
thanks! have a beautiful weekend!!

btw… you are on my “favorite-blog-list” ;D

You are an amazing photographer & your blog just touches me each time I read it! You’re such a refreshing dose of beautiful christian simplicity. Hahaha. I feel like that was really corny, but it’s true!!
<3 leigh

g o r g e o u s pictures!

Wow these are gorgeous photos. I love the bubbles.

That is so sad that someone would steal your work. I don’t understand why people do those things! Glad you were able to have them removed!

I think this is my first time commenting, but I’m loving your blog!

I really love the photos you take! They seem so candid but perfect and I love that!


Stunning photos, as always!

It looks like an amazing time. You and your hubby are TOO SWEET. I love how it reflects that you guys are still in love. And your little man… too cute for words :)

these are such beautiful photos, friend!!


thank you so much olivia! :)


aw, thank you! and yes the weather was sooo nice :)


oh i love the picture of the little boy holding the bible too…so precious. :)
thank you for the kind words deborah!
many blessings to you!


thank you faith! :)

great shots girlfriend.

Great shots! love them. =)

i love these pictures! I just found your blog, your family is so dear and you are so beautiful!

have a good day, sister.


the photos are amazing!!
sorry to ask, but from which store is the beanie??
I searched so long :(

ps. youre baby is wonderful!!!!

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