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friday night gardening.

this is how we spent our friday night…lots and lots of gardening and planting. so far we have planted sweet corn, peppers, green beans, watermelon, strawberries, flower and wildflowers, tomatoes, and broccoli. we still have some cucumbers to plant! we’ll see how everything turns out…definitely excited to see it all grow. and hopefully we’ll have some fresh fruits and vegetables this summer!

hope you have a beautiful weekend….



MMM! I can’t wait until I can plant veggies/fruits in a garden! Nothing like homegrown :)


I hope your garden turns out great! My family did ours a couple weeks ago. The majority of our garden is squash and tomato! They are so much fun and it is always so fun to make food out of veggies from your own garden

That’s so awesome, Arielle! I hope the garden grows well for you guys. We used to have strawberries, peach and apple trees, sunflowers, and watermelon, I believe, when we lived in Indiana. I loved it growing up. :)

Yay for gardening, it is the most rewarding thing!! I LOVE Leland’s tent, we need one for Brees now that the mosqitoes are in full force here in Louisiana!

I stumbled across your blog this morning, and was hooked by your gardening post. I can’t wait until the day I am able to plant a home garden. I’d love to see the progress of it, keep those pictures coming!

That tent is so cute!!

Gardening is really enjoyable! I hope that you’ll have lots of fresh fruits and veggies for the summer!

The last shot of your son is so precious!

sweet sleeping face! I hope that all the veggies get huge and beautiful and you get to cook with it and enjoy it at picnics and bbq’s. So awesome and summery!

Looking forward to seeing the ‘fruits of your labor’. (my small attempt at being funny)…any way. I do hope everything turns out great. It looks like he pooped himself out with all that watching. haha
Have a great weekend.

I was just wondering…what state do you live in? Do you live in a condo, townhouse, house? :)

Never thought about actually planting your own wildflowers! Love the pictures. Have a good weekend!

teach me your gardening ways..

Lovely photographs! I can’t wait to see the small harvest you guys reap.

Nothing beats homegrown produce!! I pray you have a lovely, florishing garden! Oh and I love how you also planted wildflowers…we also did that a couple years ago.
Oh and love the photos!!!

that sounds like a perfect friday night. i love your green rubber boots!

How cute is the lil man in his tent?

Definitely sounds like a good Friday night to me! :) Hope your garden blesses you with an abundance of fresh produce

Man I wish I had a garden! You are going to be eating so wellthis summer. Hope you have a lovely weekend.x

lucky! i would love to have a garden. i hope you will keep us updated on how things grow!

How fun! You guys sure planted a lot! I also hope that you get some yummy, fresh veggies this summer! :)


mmm.. One of my dreams is to have a garden that produces fresh produce! save cash and eat REALLY organic tasty produce :). Only in my head my husband kind of tells me what to do and I don’t have to strain my brain too hard thinking and plotting out the soil. Because I just don’t have that green thumb some women and men have… haha. But I would make one darn good helpmate in the garden department let me tell ya!

Can’t wait for pictures when it is all finished. I know you will not disappoint darling!


Beautiful photos! I would love to try corn, but our garden just isn’t big enough. However, my grandpa does grow corn so there’s a bit of a bonus. The garden this year consists of peas, tomatoes, chives, I believe onions, and some herbs. Delish. Love fresh produce, especially when it’s home grown.

Have a lovely day! ♥

Sounds so lovely and i bet it’s going to taste even better than it looks :)


oh that sounds wonderful! i am also growing herbs but have no idea what to do with them or how to care for them! :)


hehehe! you are too funny :) i’m sure God will give you a husband with a green thumb :P i hope all of my plants actually grow! we shall see…
hope you have a blessed week dear!


thank you gaby! hope you had an awesome weekend! :)


thank you melisande! :)


thank you kelly! i just hope everything grows the way it’s supposed to- hehe :) we shall see!


thank you rachel!


thank you ashley! :)


we live in kentucky…and we live in a house :)


haha…thank you emily! we’re looking forward to everything growing and the harvest! :)
hope you have a great week!


thank you jess! :)


thank you nicole! :) have a great week!


thank you olivia! ohh i got it at babies r us for such a good price!!


oh that sounds awesome! it is a lot of fun :) hope you have a blessed week!

I just got my first sprouts and I am so excited! Good luck to you in your gardening adventures. It’s so exciting to grow things yourself.

Love that you are growing a garden! My husband and I are gearing up for a second garden season. We had such fun last summer and fall enjoying the fruits and vegetables. Andddd we were a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of the harvest so we had a party for our friends and families to come feast with us! Hoping for another good growing season for Harvest Fest 2011!

Gardening is my favorite hobby and My husband and I are gearing up for a second garden season. We had such fun last summer and fall enjoying the fruits and vegetables. We spend a lot of time in the garden.


I don’t know how you garden in Texas… It’s hot enough here in Missouri to dissuade me most days! We’ve had a Phoebe (type of flycatcher) make her nest on the fan on our porch, which is really cool! We had to tie it to a chair so that when it’s windy it doesn’t circulate — looked like it was making her dizzy.Tree Removal

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