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Today I’m doing a little link-up with the Influence Network blog! We’re posting one photo of ourself, 3 things about us, etc. to connect with others so here we go….


1. I have a love for bluegrass music. Love it!! I grew up listening to Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Buddy Greene, Nickel Creek, The Punch Brothers, etc. My favorite right now is the Lone Bellow (although they’re more folk.)

2. Was married at 19 and had Leland at 20, which sometimes makes me feel inferior and less-than to other moms because of the age gap. I’ve found being a young mom is awesome, though…and wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

3. I received my first DSLR when I was 16, started in photography around the same time while doing overseas mission trips, and this will be my third year as a wedding photographer- I love it!

One valuable thing I’ve gained from Influence: meeting other like-minded women who have the desire to glorify God in their day to day life and small businesses. Pure encouragement!

Much love!



I think you are a rockstar for becoming a mom by 20. I think of myself at 20 (or even now at 22) and there’s just no way I could do that at this age!

You are a fantastic photographer so I’m very glad you got that DSLR at 16! I’m excited to see you in July when you come for Lauren’s wedding!

arielle, it’s so nice to meet you!

19 + 20 to be married + have a baby is young, but certainly not young enough that it should cause any kind of gap! I was married at 22 + had my girl at 24 [she’s seven months old now] but I look younger than my age. my husband and I walk around with a baby and many people in this small town think we’re high school kids with a baby. I’ve had a difficult time forging any kind of mom-relationships in our current town, as there are literally ZERO christian parents of small children/babies. I had been so discouraged, but finding friends in so many other young moms + christians within the influence network has been a breath of fresh air!

We got married that young too! My husband had just turned 19 and I was getting ready to turn 20. Thankfully there was one mom that was so encouraging to me, I’ll never forget her. She never made me feel like I shouldn’t be a young mom. (Oh we got pregnant with our twins 4 months after we were married)

How amazing that you have been able to do so much at a young age – starting a family and finding a career you love!

Also, you are gorgeous and i love your blog design. so glad to get to meet you!

I was so excited to hear you’ll be part of the Influence Conference. I am looking forward to meeting you.

My husband and I like to listen to bluegrass music when we are doing the dishes. Something about it makes washing more fun + lively. I’ll have to check out your favorites!

Oh I SO grew up listening to Buddy Greene with my dad, good memories :-)

Isn’t it funny how we compare ourselves and feel inferior when those people probably feel like they’re the inferior ones? I’m at home with our 5-month-old at the ripe old age of 27, and all my other blog friends are my age with kid number 3 or 4, almost feels like we’re the ones who are behind! Nice to know that we’re right where God wants us to be. Nice to meet you!

I love you, Arielle! So glad you will be at the conference again this year. :)

I can understand how the age gap between you and most moms would be hard but I always thought I would be married at 19 and having kids by 20. Here I am at 20 and still very much single and just aching to start raising children with my future man. You’re blessed, dearie. I am, too. He always gives us His best!

Hi! Just found your blog today, and what a beautiful place it is! As an aspiring photographer, I loved looking through your pictures, and the whole feel of your blog is so peaceful and welcoming and beautiful. So happy to have stumbled upon it!

Thank you (again!!!) for introducing me to The Lone Bellow! I love your story and your work.


i was married at 20 and became a mom at 21. i agree with not trading it for anything. it can be difficult at that age to be entrusted with another life, but i love the relationship i have with my oldest. it taught me valuable lessons real early!
i love photography and wish i could have more time to devote to it. that’s awesome you started early with your passion!

I love the pictures you post on your blog and now that I know you started at age 16, I can see why they are so good! Thank you for sharing one of your passions with us!

I married just a bit older – 25 and had my first at 27. I can tell you that the benefits are great! When they are older, say 16 like mine is, you can really enjoy them!!
I really like your blog! And I have GREAT respect for wedding photographers ever since I was a wedding coordinator many moons ago! It was a great job!

So nice to meet you!

I loved reading these things about you and you look beautiful in your picture :) I think you are the cutest little young mommy ever btw! ;)


Such a lovely space! I was also married young (at 19) but, I would not trade the time I have had with my husband for anything.

Your photos are gorgeous. I love reading stories about women that have followed what they are passionate about! Someday, I am going to be bold enough to buy a camera and start practicing. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Hey Arielle! I will have to check out those artists you listed. I love Nickel Creek but don’t listen to too much bluegrass beyond that. So nice to meet you through the link up!


Awesome to meet you!! You are gorgeous and so is your blog. :)

Arielle, you are such a beautiful soul! I think you are a great mama, don’t believe anything less.

I was married at 19 and had my first at 20 also :) I love being a young mom, so much more energy to keep up with the littles!

Nice to meet you!

Yep I think I love everything about this =)
1//You look super pretty
2//I am totally jealous of the camera in your hand
3//I want to be you!! haha I really want to be a wedding photographer someday =)
4//I have no doubt you are an awesome mama!! =) I hope someday to be one too.

Much Love friend!

I love your site! So pretty and calming. And girl, about being a young mom . . . sometimes I wish I was ready when I was younger. Because I’M TIRED! I would have had more energy to keep up with my two rowdy boys! :)

i love your work! beautiful, beautiful photos!

I feel the opposite of you – at 30, and with no kids, I feel like I’ll be the inferior mama because of how old I’ll be when I do have kids. Thankful for grace, that’s for sure!

That photo is so beautiful! I love your bracelets.
My dream was always to be a young mom. I’m just 24 so we’ll see if I make my “done kids before 30” goal I set at age 16. :)

It was so nice to meet you in the brief time we met at the conference. Will you be returning this year?

I love this and your website! :)

Popping in from the IN link-up. Your photography is beautiful. You are very talented. Thanks for linking up so I could get to meet you.

1. love that pic – you are so adorable

2. i love that you are so into photography! i think it is such a great talent and I am maybe trying to develop my skills at the camera right now :)

3. you are the cutest mom ever! I am almost 25 and my husband and I keep saying we are not mature enough yet! lol. so proud of you!

You look so relaxed and happy with a camera in your hand! Popping over today from the linkup! Don’t feel bad about being a young mama! Embrace the season you’re in!

You have a beautiful site! So nice to meet you!

So happy to find a fellow bluegrass fan! Very nice to meet you!

Awww! I work for a wedding photography so I love seeing fellow photographers online! I’m also an Influence Member but I do have a wedding blog. If you ever want to submit anything … :)

You know I love you, Arielle! Congrats on having the shortest post I have read so far – you are great at getting straight to the point (I tend to drag it out). Haha, love it! And I think it’s a great testimony that you’ve become such a GREAT mom at a young age. You have shown maturity and selflessness. I am just learning all that it takes to be a mom at 25. So I admire you! :)

You, Your Blog, Your Photography so much BEAUTY! I love your space and I love being in community with you sweet girl

I’m so excited to get to know you better at this year’s conference, Arielle! Your blog has been one of my new favorites since last year’s. I can’t wait to check out your blue grass faves – my husband and I are big music geeks and love checking out new bands. Who knows, he might even already have these on his iTunes playlist. ;)

Hey Arielle!
It is so good to meet you! I got married young like you too. Best choice ever. Never looked back. :)

I think you are so lucky to have been blessed with motherhood so young – such a wonderful gift x

i LOVE the punch brothers. i was supposed to see them a couple years ago and go the worst cold ever the day before and couldn’t go. beyond bummed. do you listen to chris thile at all?
been a follower of your blog for a while now and admire your work as someone trying “to get there”. you’re an inspiration! hope to see you in september!

You had me at ‘the lone bellow’ I have seriously been talking about them nonstop for a month straight now.

I am so looking forward to reading more of your blog!

What beautiful photography! Excited to get to know you more before and at Influence!


This is a lovely and honest post. And I love bluegrass! My favorite is The Avett Brothers.
Jillian – PS, if you have a moment, I’d love to invite you to check out the giveaway we’re hosting for a $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple!

My hubs and I got married at 19 and 20! Just think… someday (God willing) we could have a 50th wedding anniversary. 60th even! (:

I got married at 19 too and had our first child at 20 and now our second child at 25. I know what it is like to feel inferior to other mothers because we are so young, but I always wanted to be a young mom. I think it is great to get married and parent at a young age!

I absolutely love your photography! I started taking photography classes in high school and fell in love with it. I only wish to someday open up my own business.

I’m just catching up on my favourite blogs… you are glowing :) what a beautiful mama you are. I would have LOVED to have been a young mum…but God had other plans for me…and I met my husband when I was 29…with our babies being born in my thirties. But you know, the timing really was perfect for me ;) And my life is blessed. Many blessings to you Arielle. Enjoy these last few months xx

Hi, Arielle! I LOVE your photography. It’s beautiful! It’s a joy to connect with you through the Network. I’ve been exploring your blog and just love your style. Thanks for being an inspiration! I’m in a very different season than you (29 and still single/praying for marriage), but I’m still so encouraged by your story. Blessings to you today!

This is beautiful! And so are you. I’ve found age gaps to be a difficult part of being an adult, but it can also be full of blessings. You are such an amazing mom and lady of God. It shows through your blog. :)

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