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eight months old ♥

let me just say, taking pictures of a baby in a tub is no easy task… i think half the pictures i took were of him eating the bubbles :) he was so entertained by them! anywho, just a few days to go before leland is eight months old. he is quite the chubby one, weighing about 20 pounds! his little personality is starting to come out and the smile with his two bottom teeth showing is adorable. spending these summer days with him is a blessing….i love it. each and every day i thank the Lord for such a precious gift!



adorable pictures!! My little guy is almost 9 months and his first tooth is just starting to poke through..its funny how differently babies develop.

This is beyond precious!

So incredibly adorable! I guess every baby has to get bathtub pics taken. My mother took way more than necessary. My bathtub photos were never as beautiful as these though. :)

Oh oh oh. How cute! I love your bathtub photoshoot idea. Priceless. :)

super cute!!! You, as I am sure you already know, will be so happy you took them. p.s. love chubby babies, my son and rolls and more rolls :)

So Freaking Adorable!!!!! Happy 8 months! =D

Goodness gracious. He is one cute little boy! I love the first one of him eating the tub! Ha! I have a friend who has a little girl that age and just took some outside water pics! I get baby fever by just holding her! Babies are so fun and worth all the work!


How georgeous………So happy to see Leland in it instead of the dogs LOL Love ya…….. Next picture I want you or Jay with him in it……..Tommy still has pictures of me and the dogs splashing around in that tub…..Tickles me Pink!!! Love Terra

how beautiful is he!!! of all the pictures i have of my babies the ones in the bath (eating bubbles) are my favorite!
God bless

What gorgeous pictures : ) It is amazing how quickly they grow!

What a FUN idea!! :) I love the old washtub! Looks like Leland had a blast!

wow! what a beautiful baby and I love the pics in the old tub:)

i LOVE this!! :) Our little guy was about the same size at that age, too, and never too big … he was the perfect fit for my arms! You have a blessed week, Arielle!

he’s so beautiful, you lucky mama. ;)

hes so handsome! he really looks happy :) what an amazing blessing

Oh my goodness!!! He is too precious for words! You will treasure these photos forever!

He is just precious — what a sweet baby boy! I love the photos; especially the first and third one. So darling! Beautiful shots, as always!

He’s absolutely adorable! Great job on the pics my friend!! Beautiful shots:) xo

Oh my goodness, that baby is so so so so so adorable! Great pictures! I’m sure that task is not easy, but you did a beautiful job!

he is such a cutie. enjoy him while you can, i can only imagine they grow so fast.
blessings to you both.

What an awesome photo shoot! He is so darn cute. You’re so good at capturing precious moments!

amy day to day

awe… i always love to see your adorable photos of your little guy! & these are so sweet… :)

seriously cutest pictures ever!!!!

These are the cutest photos ever! He looks like such a happy baby. Happy 8 months to him!

He is adorable and such a precious gift from the Lord!

He is adorable!!! :) So cute!

I love the atmosphere of your pictures!!!! They’re so.. fairytale like dreamy!!! Beautiful son :)

Just gorgeous! what a wonderful idea to have a bath on the grass outside when its warm! you can see how delighted he is at everything going on!! so sweet

our baby girl is only 3 months and she’s already at 13-14 lbs! she’s pretty chubby too! i love that tube!

Geez louis…those photos are so precious!! He is adorable!!

That is so adorable! I bet he was having a grand old time taking a bath in the outdoors! Looks nice and peaceful to me! What a sweetie!

I think this is my favorite baby shoot that I’ve ever seen. So simple and sweet!
You baby is such a cutie!

Awww how sweet :)

he is so adorable, and he looks exactly like his dad! so cute. seeing your beautiful family and sweet baby boy always gives me baby fever! ;)

Such a cute little guy… Love the pictures and the bath, it reminds me of when I was a little one.


AHHH! What a serious cutie! Happy 8 months!


ariel, you are so very talented!! God bless!!


i just found your blog. your work is absolutely beautiful!

oh my heavens, Arielle. He is the most the precious thing ever! He seems like the happiest little guy.

hahaha. HE is sooo freaking adorable. I hope this doesn’t hurt. But I must say what I am about say because I love it when this kind of stuff happens.


There I said it. It is out.
I’m sorry.
I know some mothers get a bit ticked when the child looks more like the father, seeing in how THEY gave the birth and everything.

But it always makes me smile to see such a strong resemblance so young in a child.
Such a blessing to see the fruit of God manifested in your own child isn’t it?

and his plump little bubble eating self is quite the charmer :). lol

k I’m done.





hahaha! i know, i know…he so does looks my husband and everyone will tell ya that
he looks nothing like me! oh well. i guess that’s ok BUT if we ever have a girl hopefully
it will be the other way around :)
“Such a blessing to see the fruit of God manifested in your own child isn’t it?” yes! it is…
my oh my, definitely a blessing. gotta love it.

hope you have a beautiful & blessed day! <3


thank you jami :)


thank you!! :)


haha! thank you melisande! :)


thank you amylou :)


thank you laura :)


yes, he loved it! :) thank you! many blessings.


thank you so much debby! :)


thank you gaby! :)


thank you amy! :)


thank you jennifer :)


thank you delaney :)


thank you brittany! :)


thank you deborah! :) hope you have a blessed week as well!


thank you ashley! :)


thank you! :) yes, it is isn’t it?!
have a blessed week!


thank you amy! :)
many blessings.


thank you amber :) and it is amazing (and a little sad) how quickly they grow!

Awww! adorable pics :) this kind of pic is such a good idea and are just as special as birthday pics etc :) thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Love, Vanilla

Oh my goodness. Arielle, he is so adorable! I can’t believe he’s already 8 months old. I have a feeling this little guy is going to be one of those markers of time for me. I’ll look at him and see photos and such and then I’ll wonder how time’s gone by so quickly. (And how I got to be so old in the process! haha) :)

Love the old school tub shots (just as long as you didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water)! Oh man, I remember when Leala was 8 months old. I remember blogging about it and even the outfit she was wearing that day. She was just beginning to get into things. Fun times! =)

He is absolutely precious!

So, so sweet!

Absolutely beautiful!

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