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a getaway for two, please.

This past weekend our lovely folks’ watched our little man while we went to visit the plantation where we were married and a little town nearby. We stayed at the plantation overnight and my oh my, I think I could really just live there. All. of. the. time. It is like a dream, or something. I felt so blessed to be able to stay there and spend some time with my oh so awesome husband. We spent some time at the fall festivals in the area and visited antique stores (my fave.) I think that I ate about five (or maybe even ten) pounds of kettle corn as well. That stuff is just too good! Anywho, here are some pictures that I took while we were visiting!

Those colors!! One reason that I absolutely love autumn.

Just us being ourselves-haha.

We went to SO many different antique stores. There were little treasures everywhere just calling out my name.
But unfortunately, their price tags were a little much…

I really wanted to bring this home with us but I was afraid to even see what the asking price of it was…

We stopped and listened to these guys playing bluegrass for a while…it was so so good! I really would love to start playing the banjo.
(By the way, I’m not sure why that guy is glaring in the photo! Hmmm, maybe he was just trying to pose?)

Awesome colored doors usually always require having a picture (or two) taken!

Please feel free to notice the coffee I spilled all over my dress :)
Also, feel free to notice how small my eyes look in the morning (or anytime of the day really.) Yep, they are actually open in these pictures believe it or not!!


Aw, what a great time it looks like you guys had. Love the goofy pictures, especially the coffee spilled one. ;) something I definitely would have done. :)

There’s nothing like fall colors. Beautiful!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

LOVE these. I want to play with big colorful leaves like the one in your photos. Beautiful. :) I’ve only been to the plantation the one time, but I love the look of that place! So beautiful and peaceful! I’m glad you and Jay were able to spend some more time there! :)

ahaha you are adorable! i love what you’re wearing and the COLORS! man i wish we had autumn in hawaii :( looks like you had an amazing time though..

oh my gosh all those colors are amazing!!!!! you two are adorable!


Can’t believe the leaves are changing so soon there…..beautiful. they say that Indiana is one of the best places for Fall Beauty……..Looked like a wonderful place for two people in love too! glad you all had a good time!

Love your pictures beautiful! Looks like an amazing place to go!

What a lovely way to spend the weekend! Your love for one another is SO evident, and is so beautiful to see!

Looks like fun! And I love your outfits! =D

Love the colors and the photos. So glad you got to getaway and enjoy your hubs!

haha I love your tiny eyes!
and J got a haircut.
I was thinking who is this guy???
ha ha. You guys look adorable in those pictures.
So beautiful.
Glad you got a weekend getaway.
And is that first house the PLANTATION? with the yellow.
its soooo beautiful :).

k I’m done obsessing.

love this post and GOD bless your heart…

oh wow, what a beautiful vacay that was!!! Your pictures are gorgeous and well you are adorable! My favorite outfit is that polka dot little number in the last photos!!!

a) You guys are so darling and full of love it makes my eyes water.
b) so glad you shared this song. it reminds me of my wedding 4 years ago when I was 20 and he was 21. More in love than ever, and that song brought tears to my eyes.
c) I must be PMSing because I’m a ball of tears. Ok that’s all.

: )

As always, your pictures are GORGEOUS! LOOKS like fall where you are :)

Such gorgeous pictures. I am swooning over the colors! I must know where you purchased the red polka-dot dress. I think I need it! :)

You two are beyond inspiring. Beyond!

Also, I LOVE all of these songs! :]

you always go to the most picturesque places!! i love the shot of you by the fence! & the colors in that leaf… so beautiful!! glad you had a blessed anniversary! :)

oh another beautiful story, as always so inspiring and relays so much hope :) thank you for sharing

Wow. Amazing. Looks like an absolute dream! What a nice getaway with your hub!

Just another batch of beautiful photos! I love the Fall season more than anything. The crisp and comforting air…nothing like it. Love this post…I can relate. :)

so super cute :)

Happy Anniversary!

You two are too cute! yay for getaways… i want one now hehehe

gorgeous photos always my friend! we have something in common..well our love for photography but also our eyes, my eyes look like they are closed all the time since they are so small =D

wow! i love love love these pics!

Arielle, your outfits are always SO CUTE! Gahhh, how do you do it?! :) I’m glad you had a fun getaway with your husband!

What a fun little trip! I love antique stores too, but the stuff I fall in love with is ALWAYS out of my price range! Hehe. Oh, the photo of the dude playing the banjo totally cracked me up! It’s always wonderful to capture an awkward moment. :)

Love all the pics! What would u recommend as a starter camera for my husband and I? Something on the cheaper end to start with! Thanks!

This looks like the sweetest trip ever! I’m also so in love with that yellow card catalogue! It’s fantastic!

So when do I get to move into that house?? It’s wonderful!!
It looks like you had a wonderful adventure!

O my!! Those photos are beautiful! And that house – gorgeous! Where is this charming place?!

This look heavenly!! Such a beautiful couple!

So gorgeous!! I feel like I can just reach out and touch that beautiful kind of day through the pictures.
I love your eyes! i have squinty eyes & i used to be so self-concious about them. but, hey, they’re the eyes God gave me–so I love them.
Love, Leigh
P.S. Also LOVE this song.

these are adorable, the colors, your dress + coffee :) Im so happy fall is here. Your photos are always so sweet to look at , I love them :)

Although I love them all, this has to be one of my more favorite posts of yours, Arielle … it reminds me so much of our ‘younger’ days … seems so long ago, but never far from my field of memories! Love, love, love Andrew Peterson, and I adore the photos here … we love this time of year, too! For quite a few years, every fall, Lew, and I, would go to Brown County and spend the day. Then just before leaving we’d pick one colorful leaf and put it in a little album .. that was so special to us … things kept us from getting down there every year, though, but maybe we’ll have to start that little tradition up again this year! Our 29th anniversary is October 29th, and that isn’t too far away, now! Never stop making those memories … always hold them close to your hearts! You have a blessed week, and thank you for sharing your sweet life with us! :)

It looks like you all had a great time!!! Such beautiful photos :)

This might just be my dream vacation! Everything is beautiful! I’m drooling over the bright doors and the gorgeous leaves!

such beautiful photos of fall and you two! =) love it!
One of these days, Nick and I will have to get away from his work and classes and my med school stuff.

and oh! I like Jill Philips a lot =) I used to replay multiple times the first CD I got of her when I was in college. I may have driven my roommate crazy – but I think she must have liked it too, since she never complained =) hehe. lol.


aww… beautiful pictures, Arielle! ;) looks like y’all had an awesome time!

ohhh my goodness such beautiful pictures!!

Your photographs are getting perpetually more beautiful. so inspiring. :)

beautiful, beautiful! i love taking little vacay’s with my husband too. i’m glad to see you two still do that even after having a little one. :)


thank you so much tiffany :)


thank you sonya! :)


thank you abigail! :)


thank you so much deborah for the sweet comment and encouragement! i always love coming and reading your comments you leave…such a blessing!
hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!! :)

These photos are incredible. You have such a beautiful eye for things and your style is wonderfully relaxing and feminine! I love coming to your blog and being inspired!

I love the doors, your red polka dot dress, and the leaves!

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