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we went on a date.

hope you are having a wonderful weekend. think i’m going to spend most of today outside!



What a beautiful blog you have! Love these pictures and those moccasins are adorable. : )



I really love your blog, we both got married and had a baby at a young age!! The date looks so much fun, we had a conference at our church yesterday and left kaela with a babysitter and that felt like a date!! P.S. Love your moccasin slippers!

how fun!! You guys are so cute and it is great to get some alone time :)

You guys are great! And remind me a lot of Josh and myself. Especially since you and I are both 21 and have/are having babies :) God Bless

Fun! It’s good to get that one on one time, especially when you are a mom and definitely need a break from that role once in a while :) Enjoy your Sunday.

those quesadillas look goooooooooooood.
and cute shoes!

I’m so glad you had such a sweet date night. Those are the best. How was John Marc McMillan?
P.S. I’m sure little Leland was ecstatic to see you. :)

i love dates. especially when they last all day :)
Where did you guys see John Mark at? My husband travels with them sometimes.. wonder if he was there?!

hooray for dates! :) and i love your shoes–so cute!

Your weekend has been very nice :) Greetings :) good week!!!

Great pictures! You guys are so cute together. Looks like you had a wonderful day. :)

Could your blog BE any more beautiful!? Sounds like a lovely date-night! And you two are just too adorable!

fun day! Love your outfit!

I love today! The weather is nice in southern California. I attended a wedding last night and although I wasn’t on a traditional date I got to hang out with those i love and it was such a blessing to dance and praise God with them all :)! Glad you and the Mr. got to sneak away and enjoy some alone time. You guys are adorable.


How fun! Your hair always looks so amazing!

That is wonderful! It is so great just to get out of the house for an evening with your man…and have no where else you have to be! So glad you guys had fun!

Love your last statement with your awesome moccasins! Blessing indeed!

Are you a bball player or is that a, ‘I don’t play, why do I have this dreaded ball in my hand’ face? ;)

I’m a huge lover of quesadillas, actually I think I’m going to make one now since I saw this. mmm just imagining that delicious melted cheese with the crispy tortilla…um, I have to go now.

Great date pictures!

I love seeing happy couples :) Glad you both got some alone time together! The quesadilla looks absolutely delicious!

i like it. especially the face you’re making in the b-ball picture.
obviously, you’ve had some ballin’ experience.


looks like fun! i really want a quesadilla now…

Looks like a fun date.

♥ Love,

What a lovely date, looks like fun!

sounds like a perfect date!

Date nights are so important :) It is so easy to get caught up in parenthood and forget about the reason you became parents – Date nights help you remember :) My husband and I plan at least one date night every month, it really helps keep our relationship strong :)

So sweet, Arielle!! Looks like a perfect date and good quality time! LOVE the moccasins, I live in mine:)

hi, i’m new here! =) you’re so cute! =) loved the basketball picture!

Date nights are so, so good. I need to make time for them more often, thanks for the reminder! p.s. love your moccasins.

what fun. time away just the two of you is so important. i’m glad you had this time.

Date days/nights are the best … so important to the relationship … don’t ever stop having them!! Love your photos, and that food looks yummy … ok, now I’m hungry! It looks like you had a real special day together, Arielle, oh, and I love those ‘Thunderbird Minnetonka Moccasins’ … yep, I’d know those anywhere! lol! I used to have a pair … they were fun to wear. I so miss those shoes … glad to see they’re still around! You two have a blessed week … well, you ‘three’! :)

your photos are beautiful !! this post is so cute !

Yay for date night :) you guys are so cute!

I adore your pictures! and you have beautiful hair

Aww, looks like you had fun. I love the pic of you holding the bball, its too cute!

HOORAY for date night. I oh-so-love them so much.

I am absolutely in LOVE with your sailboat shirt!!!!! Would you mind telling me where you found it because it is just so cute! And I agree with you about going on dates. It’s important to not lose sight of that precious time together.

Oh what a fun date! And how awesome that you got to see Jon Mark McMillan! That would have made my day!

my husband and i had date night last friday, it was so fun!

aww, love having dates with my husband! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time, quesadillas + great music, is my idea of perfection. And your adorable, love those cutie pie moccasins. xx veronika

sounds like an amazing weekend! i love date nights!


thank you veronika! :)


thank you scout! it’s from forever 21 :)
blessings to you!


oh me too! :)


haha, thank you nickie :)


thank you!! :)


thanks branson! :) love your name btw!


thank you so much deborah! :) my mom said that she had also used to have a pair also! i found some little minnetonka boots for leland at a consignment store for next winter, they are too cute! hope you have a blessed week as well. many blessings to you & yours!


you are right, it is so important! :) blessings.


thank you gaby! :)


thanks olivia…i think i live in mine as well ;)


i so agree! it definitely is easy to get caught up in parenthood! date nights are important :)


hahah! thank you mary :)


haha i used to play bball! but i’m not too good with sports or really any kind of athletics! ;)
thank you emily! <3


thank you jennifer! :)


thank you cheche! :) the weather must be gorgeous in southern california. sheesh, i can only imagine!
blessings to you dear!


thank you chelsea! :)


thank you for the kind comment katie :) blessings!


thank you nathalie :)


how awesome…i will have to check out your blog!
thank you for the sweet comment :)


thank you, sarah :)


john mark was great! he has such a unique voice :) it was great worship…
have a beautiful week! :)


really? that’s awesome! does he play in the band? we saw him at the underground
in cincinnati. :)

MaGe Terra

Darn it guess you are the main gal in his life…lol would have liked to had that wonderful looking dinner with u all lol………….tis great you both are so busy and giving to your faith and son….u need a “WE” night !!!! Love u both and Leland too Terra MaGe

Beautiful photos! I adore your shoes :)

yay! date nights are so fun! so glad you and your hubby got some time for just the two of you! it really is important.
beautiful journey blog is, indeed, a beautiful place. LOVE the photos and the inspiring words!

have a lovely day!

haha! Love the basketball photo!

You. are. BEAUTIFUL. :)


Thanks for following, you have a great blog! Love the moccasins.

Such a perfect date! Love John Mark McMillan.

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