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ben + jordan- kentucky engagement photographer

Jordan and I have known each other since elementary school…..since first grade! Jay has known Ben for a while too (I don’t think since elementary school…) so I was really excited when I heard that these two were engaged!! I hadn’t seen them in a while and it was great catching up with them. Their love for the Lord is definitely evident and I love seeing two people the Lord has brought together who truly love Him. It was also so awesome to see how much Ben adores Jordan. ¬†Seriously, it is absolutely adorable! I could have posted a hundred photos but I had to choose just a few (and it was hard!) They are such a beautiful couple and by the end of the session, I think half of the pictures I captured was of them laughing. I love that! Anywho, here are some of my favorites from the session… I’m excited for their wedding in December!!

I think we were laughing about posing and putting on the ‘model face’ or something…

I loved all of their outfits…but his bow tie and her dress was great!!

Jordan you are beautiful!!


These are gorgeous Arielle! They really do seem like such a sweet couple!

these are simply beautiful! i love how sharp the photos are!

Beautiful…my favorites are the ones on the street.


These are gorgeous!

I love this set of shots, the color palette of the clothing compliments the scenes they were in. Great work, if you were in Austin, Texas I would recommend you to some folks who are planning their weddings.


You did a great job, Arielle! I can’t believe how fast time has flown since the good old days of elementary school :)

These are such beautiful photos!

I absolutely love these pictures. You are so talented & they are such a cute couple! A couple of them remind me a lot of our engagement pictures. ;)
Love, Leigh

I’ve recently come across your blog and I LOVE it! ALL of your photos are gorgeous!!! You are very talented. :)

You did such a wonderful job on these pictures! Beautiful! :D

Oh! Also, would you mind me asking what lens you used for this session?

I recently purchased a 50mm f.1/4 and I’m looking to expand my lens collection :)

Oh my goodness I am in love with your photography! These pictures are sooo goregous! Especially the ones with all of the fantastic fall colors. I totally see why it was hard to only choose a few! :)

How cute! It looks like such a happy day.

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I love the way they look at each other. You did a great job capturing the nature of their relationship! Lovely photographs!

Love these Arielle! The fall colors came out great in them too!

Such beautiful pictures!

Lindsay Lee

Gorgeous! So I think Ill be back in KY in November. I need to get your info and maybe have some pics taken for my blog? YAY!

These are so beautiful! Their love for each other is so evident!!!

Such a gorgeous couple!! :D Great photos.

Beautiful couple! Wonderful Photography!!

These are so unbelievably perfect. The lighting, the colours, and their beautiful smiles – I love absolutely everything about these photos. :) Amazing job, Arielle!

oh my goodness, Arielle! these are breathtaking! what a beautiful couple,too! oh, how i wish you had taken MY engagement photos…and wedding ones, for that matter. you rock!

Ack, I saw these on FB and thought they were great and seeing them here, and more…even greater. Love that tree lined street! Everything was beautiful. Way to go! :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Wow, Arielle, these are stunning and romantic, I love how happy they are together! Those locations are magical too :)

I LOVE the ticket booth! I think it’s adorable!


thank you scout! :)


Thank you so much kelly ann! <3


thank you so much emily!! :) hope all is well!


thank you so much kelly! :) blessings!!


thank you lisa! :)


thanks so much jess!!


Really? Um, yes! That would be great! Also, I will email you a blog button soon! :)


thank you so much natalie :) blessings!


thank you so much jazzy!! :)


thank you nicole! :)


thanks so much jodi!


Thank you Susan! :) Hope all is well!


Thank you!!

They look so happy together! I love the photo on the blanket and the last one!

Love this session :)

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