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My oh my, it’s raining and cold here today. It kind of feels like Christmas minus the snow and the fact that it is October. I almost forgot what cold weather was like and now that it’s almost here I am contemplating moving to Florida! Just kidding :) Anyway, I wish I could take the time to write about all of the things that I am learning right now….

One of those things is stepping out in FAITH and not in fear. I have lived with fear for so long and to be honest, it gets old real, real quick. I’ve realized there is no point in spending my life with my face to the ground and not take any actions in faith. I’ve realized there is no point in being so shy (I once was) and timid…is that the way Jesus really wants me to live? I read a quote the other day (this post is gonna be full of quotes by the way) “meekness is not weakness, it is strength under control.” For so long, I have been afraid of what others think and wanted to stay “small” when in reality that is not doing much for me and it is definitely not being a light for Christ.

Being a photographer, I have totally been learning to let this go. This fear. I know there are probably other photographers who read my blog and I can’t help but care to think about what they think about my work. I often feel inadequate and sometimes that fear and comparing stops me in my tracks- but I have to keep moving forward and press on.

These few quotes have blessed me SO much lately:

“you can’t live your life based just on what everyone else thinks”

“you cannot fulfill all the expectations of everyone you know, so you might as well go ahead and disappoint them and get it over with.” (yikes!)

“don’t depend on other people as the source of your happiness and for approval.”


“we are not free until we no longer have anything to prove and we are not living to impress people.”

…love those!! I want to be strong in Christ- to be fearless and a light for Him in all that I do. I want to be fearless in the work that I do- whether that is raising my son (which is most important) or photography. I’m not going to spend so much time worrying about what other’s have to think or comparing and spend more time meditating on Christ and His unconditional love for me. I am all He says is all I am- fearless, loved, and His own.


wow! this post came at exactly the right time for me. God has been trying to get me to step out & trust him in certain areas for so long! Why is it so scary? Just last night at my church the pastor taught on this exact thing. This verse was in his sermon, & I had to write it down.
Those who know Your name trust in You. For you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
Psalms 9:10
Thank you for speaking from your heart & encouraging others! This is exactly what I needed to read today.

Thank-you for this encouragment! I too struggle with worry about what other people (especially Christians) will think. The only one I need to be concerned with is what God thinks of me.

Thank you for this post! I am also a people-pleaser, and my college years have been a long struggle with overcoming my timidity.

This was beautiful Arielle. Thank you for sharing. I really needed to hear that quote about meekness. And you know what made me smile? Whenever I look at your photos, I am always WOWED and amazed at your mad skills. Your photos take my breath away, so I was shocked to hear you worry what photographers may think. Girl, you have THE gift. And God is using it. : )

I can definitely relate to you. I’ve always been a “people pleaser”. I don’t know why I let other people’s thoughts/words get to me. Many people haven’t taken being an artist/mother as a serious job in my life… but that is where my heart is. I feel God blesses us all with special talents and we should be using them. There would be such a loss if we didn’t! :)

Amen to that, my dear. :) I’ve often felt the same way… it’s only when I’m listening to Him that I become aware of what fears exist and that’s when He moves in and shows me the better way. It’s on ongoing process, I think, but so worth stepping out when He leads you. Faith triumphs over fear, every time. :)

I can definitely relate to what you are saying. It has only been this past year that I have been walking out the fear that I held onto for so long in the past, and I am still walking out the mentality of pleasing people and wanting to be accepted by others. I LOVED this post!!


Loved every single quote. That’s one thing I struggle with most, wanting approval from others. bleh, makes me crinkle my nose just typing that out.

I’ve been catching myself comparing myself to other bloggers and how much ‘better’ they are than me and it does want to make me freeze in my tracks, but God really called me to be more than just a bump on a log wishing I was someone else. He made me who I am with confidence, so why wouldn’t I look confidently to Him for that faith and not fear!?

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

I’m almost certain that every woman deals with fear at some point :) I just finished a wonderful book by Jani Ortlund called “Fearlessly Feminine: Bodly Living God’s Plan for Womanhood”. It is definitely worth looking into! Your vulnerability and honesty is refreshing!

Your blog posts are always so uplifting!


Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m trying to break into the photography world, and it is VERY intimidating! There’s so many talented people (you being one of them) and so much to learn. I’m glad to know that even the greats have fear sometimes.

I think all your photos are simply gorgeous and I’m not just saying that! Love how sharp and colorful it is. I am just starting out and I’m always nervous when doing shoots!

I echo this


Wow this is so beautiful! I’m a photographer my-self and I totally know where you’re you are coming from!

In Christ,


Wow, this is so beautiful! I so totally know where you are coming from as a photographer myself! Thank you for being so inspiring for me:)

In Christ,

Love this! I am working on being fearless too!

Lindsay Lee

Can I just tell you, you are my favorite photographer EVER! You are so talented girl, so you have no reason to feel that way. You are so talented! CANT WAIT to meet you in real life!


I needed this :)


I was just praying about this subject (some of the exact same words, like “approval” and “acceptance from others”) and felt that God led me to your website. He confirmed that I needed to “Go forth” with His unpopular plan for my life. Thanks so much for being obedient to Him. It produces more fruit than we often realize. I too am a housewife (with a M.S. and Ph.D.). I gave up my career and stayed home because I felt God told me to. I pray to stay firm and strong despite opposition from others. Thanks so much and may God bless and prosper you in all you do.

I love your heart for Christ.
He is making such a lovely woman of God in you.
Be bold in HIM girl.



Thank you so much for this post, dear sister! you don’t know how much of a blessing it was to my “storm-beaten soul” tonight. this came as God’s confirmation and affirmation of the truths He’s been teaching me lately – thank you for your vulnerability which so encouraged my own fearful, timid soul. it’s so incredible to see how our amazing God is drawing each of us closer to Him, and moving through us to bless in community. here’s a song you might like: “Anchored in Love” by Jenny&Tyler. (it’s on grooveshark). i hope you have a wonderful weekend, dearheart!

You are amazing, Arielle!!! And I have already decided that if/when I get engaged/married, I want YOU to be my photographer! (Are you up for that?) :)

Dear Arielle x Thank you so much for this post…I am struggling with the exact same thing…I can relate 100% with you, thank you for sharing – -Fearless Faith!!!! Amen x

Huggs & Blessings
Vivi x

I can relate so much to this!! I only started photography about a year ago, and I often worry about what other, more experienced photographers think of me. I’ve had to give that to God and think instead, ” Do I like my work? Are my clients blessed by my work? That’s what matters.” It’s hard but I’m getting there! Thank you for being so open.

And by the way, you have nothing to worry about : ) your work is amazing. I live in the Cinci area, too and I am always inspired to get out and look for new fun places to shoot when I see your photos!

I just want to say that you are so beautiful. and your work is AMAZING. never doubt your talent or compare yourself to others. you rock. this post is so sweet. I’ve been going through some Spiritual awakening lately, too. you have GORGEOUS hair and an adorable face. Happy birthday to your little one! your family is beautiful.

this is so encouraging.. stepping out in faith can be so hard and i know that i can be so easily overcome with fear as well. luckily, we are more than conquerors (romans 8:37)! we just have to remember that we follow a gracious god and He wants the best for us, in good times and in bad!

“meekness is not weakness, it is strength under control” – I love this quote!!! And this post!

“meekness is not weakness, it is strength under control” – love this quote! Love this entire post!

what a beautiful song.

Thank you for sharing

Oh my goodness, Arielle! It has been way too long since I’ve visited your blog. I just spent a good 20 minutes scrolling through and trying to catch up! You’ve been busy with taking BEAUTIFUL photos – what a blessing! I just want to say that even though my opinion doesn’t matter, because the only opinion that truly does is the Lord’s, I think you’re photography is amazing and you should never feel inadequate. In fact, as I was scrolling through I was thinking to myself, “if only she lived closer, I’d have her do a photo session for me!”

I know you didn’t write this to get compliments, but I’ll give you one anyways- I think your photography is beautiful! I, too, get very caught up in what others think, but have been learning very slowly to let it go. We each have our own unique journey and talents to bring to the table. One person might see what we do as genius and amazing, while another might see it completely differently. That’s what really helps me, is to remember that everyone is different and not everyone will like what I do! It’s true that there is only one person to answer to, and that is the One true God. (which I’m trying very hard to do as well!) You’re doing fabulous at both of your jobs, so keep up the great work!

Love that last quote! Thanks for sharing beautiful girl!


I started reading your blog a few months ago, and I have found it to be very inspiring. I can completely relate to fears of worrying about what other people think. In fact, for a while, I let it control me. But fortunately, by the grace of God, I have found it much easier to let those worries go.
P.S. Your work with photography is awesome!!

So your blog post is exactly what I needed to read.
It kind of has everything to do with the name of my blog, but you helped me to focus on the faith part of it.
As I’ve trusted the Lord more my faith has kicked the fear out to the back porch and I am HAPPY!

ps I’m going to add these quotes to my journal. You always find the greatest ones!

i couldn´t agree more. it is so important to remember what matters MOST.

A great post! Loved the quote: “You cannot fulfill all the expectations of everyone you know, so you might as well go ahead and disappoint them and get it over with.” HA HA! So true!

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