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anthropologie snow globe DIY.

The other day I was in Anthropologie and saw these awesome miniature snow globes.  I picked them up to see the price and was a little surprised at what I saw…they are a bit pricey (the large mason jar alone is $38!) Then I had the clever idea of simply making my own. Really, these are SO easy to make and you can find all of the things that you need to make them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels! So here is my own little Anthropologie snow globe DIY :

Things you will need:

Small trees (I bought a whole bag of them for $11 at Michaels)

A Large Mason Jar, Small Mason Jar, or any other jars.

Little ornaments, etc. you may want to add

Pine Cones, Glitter, and a glue gun

Simply glue (with a glue gun) the trees to the bottom of the jar’s lid along with pincones, ornaments, etc. Add ALOT of glitter! Either glue or screw the lid back on the jar and ta-da! You have your own little snow globe that looks just like the ones at Anthropologie :) ….but for much, much cheaper. I’m going to have ours on the piano or our fireplace mantel, love them!



THIS IS AWESOME! I am so making these! I even have everything except the trees! yay! you are a genius. seriously.


I think I’ve found my next crafting project! Thanks for the inspiration girly.

Lindsay Lee

These turned out ADORABLE! I need to visit Hobby Lobby when I come back :) Where is the closest one to you?

You did great! Those turned out AMAZING!!

Oh, What a beautiful Christmas-y DIY!!

ooooh! i just saw these like 10 mins ago on anthro’s website!! i am so going to make these for our house & for gifts! thanks lady!

What a great idea! I could totally make these so easy! Thanks for sharing.

I love this time of year … and I love DIY’s … especially if it’s an idea you can get from Anthropologie! Thank you for sharing this, Arielle! I have everything but the items that go inside … I’ve seen the wide mouth jars with just the glass balls in them, too … so pretty! You all have a blessed weekend! :)

ohhh. I do like this post alot :). The decorations came out beautiful :). Blessings to you girl! Glad your having fun getting the house all decorated for the winter season…


This is such a neat idea!


Amazing idea! Thanks Precious Moments!

What a wonderful idea Arielle, they look so dainty and festive x

thanks, Arielle!!! :) i like them a LOT!
I’m on my way to get some stuff – but first for Thanksgiving decor :)
i’m enjoying all these free time I have for now ……

Ahh, love these! I’ve never been a big fan of snow globes but these are gorgeous! I just might have to make some…!

So Beautiful :) Xx

Aww, how lovely and Christmas-y! :) I like the non-Mason jar best. (Is it a milk jar? Because that’s what I’m calling it in my head. haha) :)

this is great Arielle

this is so amazing, arielle! definitely want to try this out.

great idea!! Love anthro…not a fan of the prices :)

What a cute project! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I love it! You have the best photos and it is inspiring to see such selflessness in a young wife and mother. Happy belated Birthday and nice to meet you!

This is GREAT!! Love that you shared this.. I’m definitely gonna do this! Maybe even today. =) I desperately need something creative to do! … and I was just thinking (yesterday) about how I need some Christmas decor around our home. You’re da bomb dot com, girl!

This is seriously cool! Thank you so much for sharing!

This is such a great idea, you could give them as gifts too! I so think I will be making some! :D


Arielle , I have a shed full of mason Jars I use to can with….You are more than welcome to them. Probably over 3 dozen, I you wanna try to make them. Love ya Terra


aw I love those! I’m feeling crafty now! =)

These are fantastic!!! thanks for sharing!

Wow… those are beautiful. I love those jars too :) I need to make one so I can imagine it’s snowing in sweltering December. Thanks so much for sharing them. xx


i HAVE to do this!
correction: I AM DOING THIS!

so cute – so simple

you are brilliant :)


This is on my Christmas wish list! <3

to your following post:: my church spoke on this this morning. take a listen.

I featured this post on my blog today!

I just love it! =)

I LOVE these so much! What a great job you have done, of translating the product into a DIY – seriously, yours are just like the real thing! Definitely trying this for Christmas gifts.


You do it very nicely and you can of course do as many as you like but it’s someone else’s idea that you are recreating. By making your own and promoting the idea to other people to make their own you are taking away income from a designer or artist who created this idea and sold it to the store. Somebody thought of this and then created it, maybe it looks super easy to do yourself but you didn’t think of it until you saw it.

i am *so* doing this. this is absolutely brilliant. and it will give me an excuse to buy some mason jars! :))
-jocee <3


Love your tutorial! I saw the Anthropologie snow globes in this month’s issue of Country Living…and was excited to make them with my 4 kiddos…part of our “Handmade Christmas” this year! Thanks for posting your simple, easy to follow ideas, Arielle!

I’m totally doing this next week! Thanks, lady! :)

i love your snow globes! they’re so cute!

These are SOO SO adorable! I love this idea to make them, and so much more personal than one that is manufactured in bulk. I think this might just be my gift I make for everyone this year.


I just found your snowglobes via pinterest. I, too, hopped on that bandwagon this year. I actually used epsom salt and put it in many glass containers I had, added a deer, owl, or tree and called it good.
I LOVE your name!!
Happy New Year!!

those are so adorable!! (;゜0゜) definitely trying this next christmas.


Regarding the Mason jar snow globes, substitute Epsom salt for the glitter, much cheaper, and you can find the little Christmas trees at the Dollar Tree store, 3 to a bag for $1.00 as well as other seasonal items to add to your globe such as reindeer, village scene, church, etc. I think a thin velvet ribbon around the lid would be a nice touch!

Hey there! You inspired me to create my own. I added my own twist by “frosting” the trees my self. Thanks for making me do this!

Sorry if this is obvious and I missed it, but did you fill them with water like most snow globes or just dry and purely decorative?

I am with Paul, do you fill them with water or some other liquid to have it a real snow globe. Or is this decoration in a bottle?


thank you for this nice xmas tree bottle . this xmas i want to do a few.merry xmas and have a lot more ideas for us to come….


Beautiful! I just finished making mine and they turned out very nicely. Keeping a few for home but gifting most of them for Christmas. Thanks for the how-to!


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