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little expressions.

so lately, leland has been making THEE funniest faces. everywhere, all of time, wherever we go! when we’re checking out at stores, talking to people, sitting around at home…he makes these little faces constantly. he is also quite the flirt and it is too cute. he has been in such a good mood lately and i think he might be very outgoing as he grows up! i understand that one day these pictures might embarrass him but i had to take a few of him in his lumberjack hat with his little expressions. ;)


He’s such an adorable baby. Love the lumberjack hat and I’m thinking he’ll love the pics of him in it when he’s older. How can he not!? haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Leland is adorable, and I’m sure will one day cherish these photos (over a good laugh) :)


Such beautiful photos, and you’re right, his expressions are absolutely theee cutest! :)

Such a sweet little face! Amazing photos! (AND I LOVE your boots! Where did you get them? What brand are they?)

hehe! These are so sweet! He’s such cutie!

Yeah right, he’ll love these pictures later on and think he was such a cool kid ;)

he looks so much like his dad! (do i say that every time?)

and you have never looked better. love your hair, love your outfit.

Awe, his faces are adorable! I love the lumberjack hat & his whole outfit… the cutest ever!!! :)

So, so, so adorable!

Lindsay Lee

He is precious! LOVE your outfit girl!

awww, he is so cute!

You have by far the most beautiful blog I have ever come across. So classy and sweet. Your photos are breathtaking and your family is so precious! Thank you for sharing your life with us and for using God’s gift that He has given you to Glorify Him in capturing beauty and beautiful moments with your family that He has blessed you with!

I hope you have time to check out my blog!

Have a great day!

AH! Cuteness overload! hehe :)

He is so precious!

He is too cute for words!! Love the ones with his little walking stick! :)

leeland is so sweet!!!

Wow he is getting so big! Love your outfit and where are your boots from? Love!

Oh my heart melts. Look at that face! You guys are the cutest little family. Happy Thanksgiving!

So cute. Baby expressions are precious and always changing!

Awwwww…. He is so cute:)


haha. I love his faces. so adorable. He looks like such a little man!

Terra "Mage"

Gosh darnit…..He just get’s better lookin every day…..(sorry son, but i do mean Lealand this time” LOL…Got to thinking that it’s a strength that he keeps holding on you to you all’s hands. Hopefully he will for always!!

so cute!beautiful


Joy – every time I see his little face!

He is a darling! And I love his name a lot… unique and very handsome. :)

Wow I love your blog, I just came across it and it’s so beautiful, you take amazing photos :)

i love these pictures! leland is just so cute. and you’re right, his faces are hilarious.

His faces are so adorable! It has been wonderful to watch him grow! You guys are great parents!

Terra "Mage"

You know his “mage” don’t have a shy bone in her body….But “godness me” hope he doesn’t take after that trait too much! lol….Tommy makes me , make a funny face to him…all the time……and always end up saying…..”Terra you ain’t right” lol

He really is one of the cutest little guys ever! Look at that hat! :) Beyond adorable.

Such beautiful pictures! Ieland is gorgeous — love his expressions : )

He is such a handsome little man! His little bottom teeth are precious – I love when they just have a few!

Great great photos girl.

love the outfits too! that purple shirt against your blond hair is just so beautiful.

love †he expressions too!


He really is precious! Love the lumberjack outfit!

cutest little boy ever! and i can’t get over those precious facial expressions. no way he’ll be embarrassed when he gets older. If anything, he’ll adore that you took the time to take such beautiful photos of him. so much love!
xo TJ

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