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christmas card outtakes.

I wanted to post a few extra pictures from the other day that didn’t make it onto our christmas card (that we didn’t get to send out!) Hopefully next year I’ll get a head start instead of waiting until the week before Christmas to make cards! :) I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas! I haven’t been online much because I’ve been enjoying all of the time with family and going to Christmas gatherings, etc.

Little baby running through the woods…

Time to catch up on emails and clean this house of ours…it totally looks like a tornado went through our living room!! I’ll be back tomorrow to post a few pictures from Christmas. Also going to update my FAQ page this week! Much love!


You guys are a beautiful family! I finally picked up my house last night after all of the Christmas maddness!!

You always give such attention to perfect color in your photos, A. Lovely. Fabulous job!

i always love leland’s outfits. baby boys look great in jeans!

I love these outtakes…so adorable! I love the ones of baby walking through the trees. Amazing how fast they grow!

Adorable : ) I love little kids in cardigans!

You have the cutest family!! Love all your pictures!.

SUCH a gorgeous family. I hope you had the merriest of Christmas’s. I will be back there at the end of January. Photo shoot?? EEK! SO excited!

Absolutely stunning!


i LOVE that last picture of you and Jay!!!

Beautiful pictures Arielle! Did you just use a tripod for the family shots? Love the last one of you and Jay!!

So adorable! Hope y’all had an amazing Christmas! Enjoy the New Year! XOXO


Love it….keep his hands in the trees…..He’ll end like me. I climbed all i could conquer as a kid. Had a few bumps….but when i reached the limb of my goal ….I thought I was Queen of the Hill”….(of course let him get old enough to do it on his own before you ,”Cut him loose in the woods” LOL..
..Love that you all Love Nature!

The third one down – for some reason I just love it!

hehe i love outtakes! It’s tough to narrow down to one good picture when you have a baby, well at least for me :D

These are so beautiful!!! Such a blessed family!

I love these! Too cute.

Your photos are fantastic! Such a wonderful job. Consider me a new follower.

All the best-

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