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photos from christmas.

christmas came and went so quick, i can’t believe it! i wanted to post some photos from christmas, although i didn’t take too many. a lot of these pictures were taken by my dad because i was busy helping leland open his presents and chasing him around. it was so cute to see him open his gifts and run around with bows from the wrapping all over him :) we visited our families, ate ALOT of food, and reflected on our Savior’s birth. think christmas is one of my favorite holidays…i was still listening to christmas music yesterday, i guess it’s time to turn it off haha. i’m definitely looking forward to the new year! :) any who, here are a few random photos of christmas…the picture above was one of my gifts from my folks: lovely pillows from pottery barn! (love that place)

a little bla bla bear …so cute!

a little gift to myself :) kinfolk mag

haha, just being himself…

someone knew i was indecisive…..

yipee!! love these…


Aww, I can tell Leland is *thrilled* with his record player! :D So cute!!

oooh what’d you get at madewell? i love madewell.

and the picture of leland with his record player is so cute.

Lindsay Lee

This photos are breathtaking… I know i always say that but WOW Arielle. Looks like you had an amazing holiday. HUGS!

It is truly a blessing to see your beautiful family. Your joy radiates from these pictures. God is so good and your family is beautiful!

Looks like a fabulous Christmas! :) Those pillows from Pottery Barn are beautiful! Love them.

You got lots of amazing gifts! I love the picture you took of the guys in the kitchen! What a beautiful house too :)

Beautiful pics! Looks like a fabulous Christmas!

P.S. Can I PLEASE move into that house?! :)


Your photos are pretty amazing, looks like an idyllic Christmas!!



looks like you had a lovely Christmas!! your parents house looks beautiful. ;) and that picture of you with he Macbook- awesome!!

I love his last toy, I remember those! :)
And a macbook pro, you lucky lady! :) Your christmas & your looks lovely :)

you seriously take the best pictures girlfriend. i know you love natural photography but you must tell me what kind of camera do you use and lens. i’m absolutely in love!

ohhhhh, you’ll have to let me know how you like the super products! I’ve been thinking of trying them!


Love it….Love it!!! Happy New years to you all…Just got off work….Happy to be in my fuzzy pants on New years eve…..Looking at pictures of you makes it even better! Love Ya’s Terra

Hey girl! LOVE the little record player! what a fun toy!

glad you had a great christmas!

You won the bow give a way over at my blog! Email me what you want from the shop and your address and i’ll let the seller know!

thanks doll face!

I love your photos. They are so bright and cheerful!



I think what blesses me the most about you (other than you are an amazing gift from God) is that you always have an attitude of gratitude. The right perspective makes for a happy life. So proud of and blessed by you. Love you Precious Moments – Mimi

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