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spring trip | part one

As I look back through these photos that were taken a little over a month ago, the memory is still so fresh in my mind. I remember this evening so, so well. We visited this tiny little island (well, sort of like an island)…it was beautiful, peaceful, and we mostly had this spot to ourselves. I watched the boys pick up driftwood and Reagan look through the sand. I saw my husband showing them the sunset, and my tiny four month old sleeping away in her carseat. We took some pictures, of course, and left this spot as the sun was setting. It was such a beautiful evening. I remember afterwards getting in the car to run down the street by myself and listening to Hillsong’s “So Will I” with tears streaming by my face. A year ago during this time when we were on vacation in this same spot, things were uncertain for our family. We were a little (ok, a lot) stressed and were trying to make some really big, scary decisions. So that night, when these pictures were taken, things had come full circle for us as a family. Such different feelings than those that were felt a year ago. I couldn’t help but feel such peace and such gratitude.


“If creation sings Your praises so will I…”

….gosh, I love this little man (because he’s 7 going on 17..) so, so much.

…a kind of out of focus picture but I don’t care….I love him!!…I was only able to get Audra with me holding her because it was kind of chilly and she just wanted to be held :) (and I’m sure she didn’t want to lay in that sand! ha!)…We asked Leland to take a picture of us with my camera… he didn’t do too bad ;)


….going to post more from our trip soon. xo.


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