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a warm day in january.

last week, the weather here was beautiful and mild…it definitely did not feel like january. it was almost 60 degrees for a couple days then the next thing you know, it was snowing. the few days that it was warm we spent as much time as we could outside… (i’ve found that being a stay at home mom in the winter can kind of drag on some days if you know what i mean. so when it is warm and the sun is shining, i appreciate it so much more!!) anywho, these were just a few of the polaroids last week. hope you have a lovely day!


What kind of polaroid do you have?? And where do you buy the film? I have one, that I rarely ever use because the film’s so expensive and because I always forget to pull it out :P
Love the pictures!

Arielle, you are just so beautiful! I hope you know how gorgeous you are :) And more than that, so sweet! I love your little family :) You are so encouraging and always have been one of my favorite blogs! I hope God is blessing you during this season of life!


I Love him in flannel and jeans….dressed in my most comfortable clothes to wear myself…LOL Love ya Terra

I love sunny, warm weather, too! So glad you could enjoy a day outside with your family. :)

Glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather. We did the same when it was in the 60s here and it was wonderful. Now, though not snowing, is in the brrr cold 50s and I’ve taken indoors. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Gorgeous! And I love that your hair is so often in a side braid, that seems to be how my hair ends up :)

such lovely photos! :)

The weather looks so nice! How lovely to spend some time outdoors, it’s always refreshing to get a heat wave during the Winter :)

Those couple of days last week were glorious!! It was definitely “get out of the house” material! Can’t wait for it to feel like that every day again! Come on, spring!

Beautiful pics. Love reading like always:)

I only discovered your blog in the past few days and I’m so glad I did I love your posts and you and your photos are beautiful :)

Oh and I wish I had some sun here in the UK its constantly freezing :(


thank you rebecca! :)


thank you audry! :)


thanks gaby!! :)


haha- i hear ya! i am already so looking forward summer :) hope you have a great weekend!!


thank you jess!! :)


thank you so much delaney!! what a blessing and encouragement!! :) much love!


hey jessica! i use instax wide…i love it!! however the film is sooo expensive :( i really wish i could buy it in bulk cheaper but for now i’ve just been buying it at urban outfitters :)

nothing beats a fun polaroid – LOVE!

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