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i am a little behind posting on here! this past week was a little busy getting ready for (my first) bridal show. it was this weekend and it went wonderfully! i will try and post some pictures soon. the pictures above are from valentines day….jay and i went out for a while and got some pizza, walked around the city….it was pretty sweet! he made me some homemade valentines which, you know, is so much better than a hallmark card ;) anywho, i hope you all had a wonderful weekend! i’m going to spend the day with my little one and play some “baaa” (ball) with him :) have a great day!



awww this makes me so homesick for Cincinnati!
Looks like so much fun!

Sounds so sweet! I love the homemade VCards.

Looks like so much fun! Beautiful photos as always :)

That’s my kind of date night: pizza and walks in cozy clothes. I find that the laid back dates are when we have the best conversation and the most fun! Glad to see you guys are still getting date nights amidst baby-life and your hectic schedule. : )

I love your story through pictures

This looks like the perfect low key and sweet valentines date! fun


Seen the preview pics…..Love it! Well you both are “sweethearts” Glad to know you had fun! …Mama, Terra

i love the picture of the bridge.. and i love me some pizza ;)

What a sweet date! Those handmade cards are beautiful!

The card is so sweet! I love how simple your vday is, just like ours. Everyday should be a valentines day right ;)

Jay is very artistic! I really like your sweater. :)

Looks like it was the most perfect date! Such gorgeous pictures too :)

date nights are so fun! my husband and I need to get out more before the baby comes :)

Looks like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!

how sweet a day :) btw, i’m currently holding a giveaway for my whole-hearted followers if you’re interested! i hope we can connect!


What a fun date! & That pizza looks so good… :)

why are you so pretty???
and these pictures are un-real!!!

i am obsessed!!!


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