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the best days of your life.

yesterday….was kind of a rough day. i was frustrated and i think that cabin fever had finally got the best of me. i was ready to throw in the towel with the whole stay-at-home-mom thing. there are days when i am incredibly grateful to stay at home and then there are days (like yesterday) when i get so discouraged. i think “hey i’m still so young! i should be out with people, doing things, going somewhere.” well anyway, after i had my little pity party, i took a walk and cleared my head and all was better.

then this morning i woke up to a little quote on facebook that went like this: “the best days of your life.
 time. it shows no favoritism, and yet it molds each of us. as a young mother, i longed for breaks from my responsibilities, and time to just think about myself, as i did prior to motherhood. as an older mother now, i find i can barely stand to miss a second away from my children. i have seen how fleeting the time is, how very quickly it passes, and i want to savor every moment with every single child, at every stage. i used to dream of a day off, and now, if i feel overwhelmed, i just need a tiny break, like a quick bath or a fast workout. remember that you are always evolving as a mother, so it is good to try to keep in mind that your feelings do change over time. you will look back at the business of young motherhood, and fondly recall that these truly are the best days of your life. “

i am praying that i would stay reminded of this. these days are short, and i need to take them in and see them as a blessing. those days when i wake up to leland running around in his crib yelling for me to come get him, i can never have back. or the days of watching the same wiggles and mickey mouse dvd for the thousandth time ;) i can never have back the time that i have now. Lord, when my selfishness gets in the way of my calling…remind me that this is a beautiful season and there is so much to be thankful for.