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labor day weekend.

This past weekend was long and wonderful. On Saturday, I shot a beautiful wedding and on Sunday we went to Indiana and did a little bit of hiking. It was honestly so hot that we didn’t make it very far but we were able to see some pretty waterfalls. I was so thankful for an extra long weekend and kind of wish every weekend was three days long ;) Anyway, can’t believe that September is here! Wow. There is so much to look forward to and these are my favorite months! September and October are always beautiful and I’m looking forward to this fall. I hope you had a great long weekend too, did you do anything exciting??….here are few photos from our little day trip….



oh my word! i missed the birth. and your baby boy is huge and walking and adorable. wow, time has flown by girl. The Lord is so good. I can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of marriage and kids but this season of being single is getting even sweeter with God. I almost don’t want those days to come quite yet.


Blessings sis


Leland has grown! So sweet


You’re pictures always make me Smile… You’re sharing them brightens my day!!! Terra (Mage)

what a beautiful part of the world you live in!


Love these precious pictures of very precious moments.

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