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oh, hi there.

photo from a wedding this past weekend

The last few weeks I have been busy taking photos. Lots of photos. I finished my last wedding and all sessions for the rest of year this past week!  I’m not saying this to be like “I’m so busy!!” but more so to say that this shall be the month of editing and uploading galleries for me. But I’m not complaining…I have Christmas music to listen to as I do so ;) (Yes, I actually started listening to a little bit of Christmas music already…I never do this early but…well, I guess things are different this year!) Anyway, I don’t ever post sessions or weddings on here anymore but a goal of mine before the end of the year is to completely update my website with new galleries, new sessions, lots of weddings. I have so many images that I want to share and  as much as I’d love to post them on this blog, I want to leave it as more of a personal blog.

So…in the meantime, I just came by to say hello. Also, I’m thankful it’s November…I’m thankful the election is over along with the bitterness that came along with it.  Thankful for starting to feel tiny baby kicks….thankful for the Wiggles for keeping Leland entertained for at least 20 minutes of the day (ha! but it’s true..) And I’m thankful for gingerbread lattes from Starbucks (along with that Christmas music I’m already playing.)

Hope you have a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous day! Much love..



Such great things to be thankful for. Nice to be reminded to sit and take a minute to think of those things when life gets a little too hectic and busy.

Beautiful photo, as well. We love seeing your photos since you have so much talent but don’t feel bad wanting a more “personal” blog. Whichever you choose, us loyal followers will be there to read it.

Enjoy the rest of your week :)

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