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trends and finding my own style.


The other day I was scrolling through some blogs and pictures on instagram and stopped myself. I realized I was starting to second guess my style, or if I even had one. I had seen several well known bloggers/folks starting to dress their kids and such in a certain style and just couldn’t really get into it. As I was looking through pictures I starting thinking “maybe I should start wearing that too or have Leland wear….” but I couldn’t get into this certain trend. Often times, I just can’t get into the trends. Sometimes, I really hate that because I think it makes me go against the grain but all in all it’s just that, a trend. It comes and goes. Next year, it will be something else. It won’t be chevron blankets and juicing, it will be something different.

Then I realized, it’s ok. It’s ok to not go with the ebb and flow of trends. As soon as I started to contemplate a different style, I started to lose my own sense of style (any that I may have-ha!) and what truly inspires me. This is true in photography and my life in general. I was frustrated that I couldn’t dress like a certain person or edit like a certain photographer or decorate like so-and-so. Then I asked myself questions like these:

“Where do I feel the most at peace?”

“What inspires me? Like, really inspires me??”

“What colors, places, and things bring me joy?”

I don’t use pinterest but I answered all of these questions with a small pinterest board I made. After creating it (some of the images are above) I quickly saw what inspired me, what my style was. Pictures of barns, farm life, mason jars, and simplicity. Being in the country, journaling, wearing browns and tans and pinks. There was a little “Ah-ha” moment. I quickly saw what brought a sense of peace in my life and it was definitely not anywhere close to “trendy.” And that is ok. It’s just the way God made me- he makes us all different, with unique tastes and individuality. There is beauty in that.

“Confidence allows us to face life with boldness, openness, & honesty. It enables us to live authentically. We don’t have to pretend to be somebody we’re not, because we are secure in Christ- even if we’re different from those around us. I firmly believe that confidence give us permission to be different, to be unique. God has created every person in a unique way, yet most people spend their lives trying to be like someone else- and feeling miserable as a result. God will never help you be some other person. He wants you to be you.”



Thank you so much for this, friend. I struggle with this, too! Especially since have little E. It’s hard to not compare and let my mind wander. This was so encouraging to focus on what I like!

It sounds like a liberating discovery. I like Pinterest for that reason, too! It’s one thing to think, “Oh, I like that image,” but another to start seeing trends in my own board, and putting together outfits and decor accordingly. I like your style, Arielle! ;)

Dear Arielle Elise,
browsing the web, I almost never come across a blogger who has a more defined style than you. Your style is lovely, dateless and a little bit country, which I love. Don’t worry, I think your following numbers tell you that your style is really lovely. And if there were no followers at all… you still would look lovely and have no reason to be worried:-)

Girl, I’m so far from trendy and completely ok with it too. I have moments where I think I should attempt what everyone else is doing/wearing but its so not me. I know I never will be able to pull off those {hideous} pattern pants.

I’m all for sticking with classic, timeless pieces and furniture that I won’t have to worry about replacing because its not ‘cool’ anymore. ;)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

oh girl, i loved this. i love your blog. and the design is amazing and classic. thanks for sharing this. i hope all is well with you and your growing family :)

I often find myself comparing my style to others, and then snap back to reality – God made me ME. Style and all. No need to follow the ‘trends’ and paths of others. What a lovely post :)

I especially love this:
“I quickly saw what brought a sense of peace in my life and it was definitely not anywhere close to “trendy.” And that is ok. It’s just the way God made me- he makes us all different, with unique tastes and individuality. There is beauty in that.”


love this, Arielle!!! and it is so true… we each have our own individual style. I’ve been learning that a lot these past few months as well. :)

From the pictures you post of you and your family, of your photography, your decor, and even your blog design, I’d say you’d have a very defined “style” I am more tomboy in my style and I struggled with it a lot because I do love dresses and girly stuff but I never felt confident when I tried out a lot of the new trends. I do think that style is something that can be ever changing and it evolves, especially as you’re growing up. Thanks so much for writing this! I love it. and you and your family. Ya’ll are awesome! xx

It’s so strange reading this post knowing that you have a GREAT sense of style! One that I certainly wish I had! Your commitment to staying “you” is what makes it so great. Wonderful post! Thank you for it. I know we can all benefit from it! Take care!!

oh i completely agree, and i could not be more in sync with your style. i’m just not a black & white chevron kinda gal. ;)

This is true, you gotta find your own style and wear what you like and makes you comfortable. Honestly, I don’t like what many bloggers wear, so I shouldn’t start “copying them” just because they may be popular. It’s Celebrity Syndrome.
I use Pinterest to find the things I like, there’s no better place.


I think all this simple living, farm life… is a trend as well. Quite a big one, I’d say. There are numerous blogs just about this way of life.

Amen. This needs to be said more often. Pinterest sometimes feels like high school. I have stopped bothering to “follow” people on Pinterest and only use it as it was intended…a pin board for my own personal findings. Thanks for saying this!

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