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…these two, i love dearly. other than my relationship with the Lord, they are definitely my main priority. lately, i have found myself working on several different projects all at the same time, while trying to keep our house clean and my life organized. somewhere in the midst of it all is my husband and little one.

with this being said, i want to simplify my life. this life is too short to be focusing on stressful to-do lists and being hurried. the last couple of weeks i have been traveling some and haven’t been on the computer much at all. (it has been a wonderful break!) after some thinking, i’ve decided to make some changes. after my family and my home, photography is my next priority and i have every intention on continuing with it. i have a passion for capturing beautiful moments and i’m going to continue to do so.

“maybe the greatest gift you could ever give your children besides
Jesus Christ would be the gift of time.”anne ortlund

anywho, this blog has a little place in my heart. i see it as a hobby and an outlet to be creative. as of august, i will no longer be accepting sponsors and ad spaces…this is just another step to take in simplifying my life. maybe one day, i’ll have sponsors again but for now i’m going to put it all on hold. i’m so thankful for y’all being interested and reading this little space! i’m truly grateful. i will continue writing on here, but if i don’t reply to every comment or visit different blogs and websites- please know that i am trying my best to use my time wisely and i truly appreciate your kind words and love! so here is to focusing on those that i love and what i love to do all the while simplifying my life a little bit at a time….

“there is nothing more important on your ‘to do list’ today than to be the heart of your home. it is no accident if you are a wife and mother. you have been given a special gift, God has entrusted you with taking earthly care of your spouse and children. use this day He has given you to show them lovegracecompassionand the value of family. make your home a warm, loving and welcoming refuge. their safe haven. ask God to help you do His will for your family. show them the love of Christ, through you.”



This is so beautiful. It sounds like you have your priorities RIGHT :)

You inspire me in more ways than one Arielle :) My only hope is that we can stay in contact even if you don’t write as much because you are such a strong godly woman in my eyes. You always encourage me to seek Christ first. I am saddened because I love sponsoring your blog but I rejoice that you are so clear in what God is laying on your heart. I hope you know how special your words are for me! You are awesome girl!

That is so wise of you! You’re an encouragement to me, Arielle. I’m so glad that you are prioritizing your life in the right way. That’s something I need to work on. A. Lot.

Love in Christ,

You have a beautiful place here, and your priorities are in the right spot…something I think we all struggle with. Glad to have stopped by to ‘meet’ you!

I am trying to simplify my life as well. Cutting down on a lot, including becoming a one car family. It is not easy, but it is eye opening to how many unnecessary THINGS we hold value to in our house when all that TRULY matters are God and the people around us that we love.

What a lovely post. I think we tend to get so absorbed in the outside world and everything that surrounds us on a daily basis, that we often tend to lose sight of what’s most important. This post helped remind me that sometimes, simplifying things is best, so thanks :)

I think about that all the time. I left a very time consuming job two years ago for my current one. Even though I make less money than before, I’m much happier and I feel I have this amazing personal life apart from work. That’s very important to me!

This is such a lovely post and great reminder. It isn’t about the giveaways or sponsors or ads as much as it is about having your own little corner in the universe to let loose creatively all while praising our Lord in heaven. Your such a blessing and I pray you continue to write and prioritize as GOD has called you too girl!

I must say I’ve been in love with your blog for a while :) Go on, live your life and give love to your husband and little one. It really is the most important thing after all, more than this blog.

This is a great reminder for all of us. I need to simplify my life as well.
aaand beautiful photo and beautiful quotes! :)

I think your head and heart are in the right place. Nobody will take offense to you not responding to a comment. If anything, it makes me happier knowing you are spending time with your family. : ) So go be happy girl!

I think people will understand if you dont visit or write a comment..Family will always be first!

I don’t post everyday and I don’t really have enough content to do so..that’s one main reason why I dont have sponsors..being a blogger is so much work but it’s a great way to express yourself creatively.

So often I allow my life to get way more complicated than it has to be, when I’ve already decided I want simplicity. It’s almost like I go on autopilot, and that’s where I end up- with materialism, busyness, and anxiety. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that others are struggling with the same tension- choosing to live for the Lord within this broken world. Thank you for encouraging me to perservere in that, friend.




I love this, Arielle. I too find so much freedom in focusing on home and family, sometimes to the neglect of the online world. It’s much better in that order!

I love that quote in the end. It really sums it all up so perfectly. I love your heart. Your husband and son are very blessed :)

I love this, Arielle. I’ve been struggling with the same thing lately — the need to simplify my life and figuring out how to go about it. Beautiful quote!

Man, balance is hard! Sometimes I think that I may stop, but I like it as a hobby as well. Still, I never want it to take away from my relationship with the Lord and my husband! It’s good to remember to simplify every now and then!


I love reading your blog and the love you have for God is very inspiring but I just had a question(if you wouldn’t mind) but what type of church do you attend??

Both of those quotes are exactly what I needed to hear! I know I get caught up in other things, like blogger, when I should be spending more time with my little family. You’re a beautiful woman and your photography is gorgeous and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we all love and admire you! :)

I think that’s very smart of you. Something is obviously giving you that nudge to step away and re-prioritize your life! I fully support that (as I’ve been there myself and struggled with finding a balance within the past year).

Best of luck, m’dear!

I have very much so felt the same way lately…

GREAT BLOG! absolutely LOVE it! you are so inspirational! and in the mood for some eyecandy? have i got a treat for you! check out my most recent post.

follow me?–

Christ 1st, then your family…I completely understand. I’m thinking you have all your priorities in order. =) Looking forward to ‘hearing’ from you when you do have a chance to write. Enjoy your family!

Simplifying my life is something I definitely need to think about more. Thanks for the encouragement! =D

We completely understand, Arielle! I’ve been so grateful knowing you’ve read my blog, but I think we all know there’s just so many good blogs out there, we can’t keep up with it all AND lead our lives. You’ve got your priorities right, and we’re grateful for any glimpses you share with us. :-) Be blessed!

what a beautiful post… and even more gorgeous picture!

I’ve been doing the same thing in my life. Simplifying possessions, simplifying “to dos”, and not worrying so much over blogging/being online. Honestly, when I think of a full life I don’t think of my online life – that’s like a different part of me that I see as fun, but not as necessary. I love your blog, but if it meant that your life would be more FULL without blogging then I would pray for that for you! Because it’s our God and our families that matter in the long run.

I just recently found your blog and have been so inspired by it! You seem like such a genuinely nice, caring person. I am a new wife (and hope to be mother in a few years), and this is so important to remember. The computer can wait, family deserves to be our first priority.


so true! beautiful post!!

Jenna Duty

Great post. I have been too pregnant and busy for much blogging these days (plus, it seems that the closer I get to my due date, the more opposition I get from friends and family about natural birth/home birth, So it’s been healthier to stay away from FB because of their opinions.)

You’re right though, time is the greatest gift we could give our kids!


I think we’d all benefit from a bit more simplicity. I love when I don’t feel rushed and can really focus and take the time to be in the moment. Good for you for stepping out and adjusting. I know it’s not easy. :)

Hello! I actually don’t remember how I happened upon your blog the first time, but I’ve found my way here again :) Your pictures are an inspiration to me as are your words. Thank you!! I’m grateful that our God shows us what’s best for us, as long as we’re seeking His will.

This is so beautiful. Inspiring. I have moments where I have felt the same and this really puts it all into perspective.

that’s awesome arielle. a good goal to have in mind!

I stumbled across your blog today and just want to say how adroable it is. I love the fact that your a Christian too and how you express it in little ways throughout your posts. God bless!

Oh I hope you can still keep us all updated a wee little bit in future :) love your blog and your beautiful, wholesome perspective.. all the best and brightest wishes lovely :)

i’m right there with you girlfriend!


thank you so much emily :)


thank you laura! :)


thank you sarah :)


thank you so much kiri! many blessings :)


so, so true! i definitely agree. thank you for the encouragement! :)


thank you so much for the encouragement! :)


thank you so much denise! blessings :)


thank you delia! i attend a non-denominational church :) blessings!


thank you so much carlotta. and i saw you mentioned this post in your last post on your blog…awesome!
have a beautiful vacation/trip :)


thank you debbie :)


thank you amy! :)

Arielle I have recently stumbled upon your blog and I must tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about you and your walk with the Lord. I am a newcomer to the blog world and have struggled with this same concept of “time management”. I am a new mommy and stay at home with my Lynnlee Jade. I felt the Lord calling me to a spiritual journey blog and am trying to be obedient to His voice. Thank you for the reminder that this must be all about HIM not about me, therefore the time I put into my blog should be a time of worship. Thank you again for your honest sincerity!

There’s nothing wrong with narrowing down your priorities! I’m sure it will do nothing but positively impact your life. :)

This made me a little sad after reading what you wrote, just cuz I enjoy reading about what God is doing in and through your lives, but then you said you’d continue to write just not have sponsors. I think at times it is needed for us to break away from the tv, the computer and anything else that may keep up from enjoying the blessings in our everyday lives. I truly have enjoyed reading what God is doing with your lives and I absolutely love your photos! I will continue to check back here for updates and to check out your photography. I pray that God bless you and yours for your devotion to wanting to serve Him and your family! God bless!

Great choice. This is really beautiful.

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