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four months.

Please excuse me for a moment while I’m the mom who blogs a bit about my baby boy…. he turns four months old today! Eek…I can’t believe it! Four months?! These months have seriously gone so fast….honestly, I feel like this summer has flown by! Can you believe September is next month? Sheesh! One of the reasons I think the summer has been gone so fast this year is because of our move and being constantly on the go or doing something. Anyway….Beau is four months old and is truly such a happy baby! He is also quite big for his age and is growing out of his clothes very quickly. I guess that means I just gotta buy new ones right? ;) (love baby clothes shopping- who doesn’t?! ha!) Leland is still adjusting a little bit to being an older brother but he loves Beau….for the most part, I think. I’m sure as they both get older they will be close- that’s what I’m hoping for anyway! ;) Alright, while they are both napping I better get to packing! My sister and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend! I’ve surprised her by taking her to see Cody Simpson (who is touring with Justin Bieber- haha!) so yeah…I guess I’m going to a Justin Bieber concert tomorrow (never thought I’d say that!) ;) Have a blessed weekend!


Haha! You’re an awesome big sis. Have FUN!! :) And hooray for 4 months! He’s growing so fast!

Oppa Tom

You be safe and don’t get to wild out there!

Love Ya Tommy

Oh. My. Goodness!
This is the first time I’ve visited your blog since before you gave birth and I seriously cannot believe how cute (and big!) your baby is!!
And Leland is so grown and handsome since I last saw a photo of him!
And that name! Beau! Ugh, soooooo stinkin’ adorable!
I’m so happy for you and your babies and husband!
God bless you and your sweet family!

(After browsing through your blog a bit, I must add, you look AMAZING!)


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