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life lately.

Well, hello little blog! Wow it has been a while since I’ve really sat down to write much on here. Not sure who out there really cares much to read about my little ole life ;) …But I’m going to write anyway! Life has been full- it has been busy and it has been good. Really good and a little bit crazy. Yes, there has been hard and challenging times to say the least (ahem, Leland going through the terrible twos during age 3 for instance) but in those challenges I’ve grown and am being changed. I finished my last wedding of the year on Saturday which is exciting! In between weddings, I have been photographing a lot sessions in between weddings all which have kept me super busy. I’ve barely updated Facebook or anything with any of those sessions mainly because my main goal is to get the images back to the clients. I feel like there is only so much time to do so much, you know? Do I blog, or clean, or post updates on my Facebook business page….or do I simply spend time with my little 7 month old and 3 year old? Most of the time, its the latter.

A huge help and complete blessing has been having a babysitter for about six hours twice a week. It has allowed me to work, get caught up on weddings, and even go to the gym. It has been a lifesaver!! I’m sure I could always be more organized with my time, but I feel so much better with how I’m spending my time these days.

Another little side note is that I will be doing a little bit of re-branding and updating this blog at the beginning of the year- I’m very excited about this! I have several posts lined up and now that wedding season is over and I will be taking on even less next year…I will be able to write and blog more. I’ve definitely decided to cut back on photography as the little ones are…well, little. I’m ok with it because this time with them I will never get back. I feel so, so, so at peace with this decision.

For now, I could keep writing but since they are both in bed…I think I’m going to turn on one of those hallmark Christmas movies, drink some hot chocolate and call it a night ;) Much love!!


proud of you arielle!!! so proud! such an incredibly hard decision, and i am blessed my your leading example :) plus, we’ve got to get together during this off season.

Yay! Glad things are winding down. And super proud of you for choosing your littles over work. That’s not easy to do, but I know you’ll be so blessed in that decision. :) And woo for Hallmark movies! I’m a wee bit addicted this year, Arielle. Like… I’ll watch three in a row. Bahaha!

You’re such a good mama! I can’t wait to see what next year brings for you!

We are going through the boy-terrible-3s as well right now… not fun! Hang in there! :)

I love reading about your little life :) Can’t wait for more! Have a great New Years!


Thank you Jessica! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


This is a bit late of reply but thank you Ashley!! :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


Lynnesy!! Ah, this is like a really late reply but thank you! Thank you so much for your encouragement, as always! xo

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