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a few family photos.

When we took our trip to the mountains last month, we snapped a couple of family photos. Or, we attempted at least! It’s not the easiest job in the world to take a family photo with a tripod, a baby, and a toddler but we did it for the most part. Leland doesn’t really hold still for more than 5 seconds so this was an accomplishment :) I haven’t blogged much on here lately because I have been busy trying to catch up on weddings and recent sessions. My last wedding of the season is this weekend! I’m so excited about the upcoming holidays and hope to share more on here soon! Anwho, here are a few of the photos that I wanted to share…..

^ those are three handsome fellows right there! ;)


I love your photos! Beautiful <3

Just loved these. I know it’s no small feat to take family portraits yourself, but I loved how relaxed yours are…not to mention how in focus yours are. Shoot, I can’t even take selfies myself on a tripod, I keep missing focus, it drives me crazy! haha

I love how he’s on a rock kissing his brother’s head. Such a sweet moment.


great pics! wish i lived closer so you could be our wedding photographer. btw- is this a dress or skirt/ shirt?

Stunning, my friend. Quite stunning. Xo

You have the cutest family! Such adorable pictures!

Haleigh Barrett

Okay you and your family are beyond beautiful. Leland is SO BIG and adorable oh my goodness! Have a wonderful day!

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