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beach trip pt 1.

A couple weeks ago we all went to Florida and it was absolutely amazing! To be honest, I am still missing it like crazy. It had been such a long winter. Jay and I were both tired of the cold, of being cooped up, of the countless house showings we’ve had…so we were very ready for a break :) The kids loved the beach, the warm weather, swimming…it was so nice! Was traveling with three little ones difficult? Yes, in some ways it wasn’t always easy. The drive to Florida and the drive home the kids were so good (mostly thanks to our handy dvd player…) If it wasn’t for the double stroller we rented, it would have been different. We were able to walk to the beach, to eat, and to take walks so it was pretty convenient. The first  day was the most difficult with the kids adjusting to a different schedule but after that- so worth it! It was so much fun seeing them play by the ocean and walking with them on the beach…I already can’t wait to go back. Here’s a few photos from our trip and I’ll post more in a day or two!

How we spent our days by the beach….Reagan slept or hung out in the stroller while the boys played :)

Beau and his great-grandpa! Loved visiting my grandparents while we were there!

…Reagan loved the beach too ;)

Tons more soon….


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