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sisters & books.

One of Reagan’s favorite things to do is bring a pile of books right next to Audra and start “reading” them to her. It is the sweetest thing. A lot of times Audra will be laying on her play mat, and Reagan immediately comes to lay next to her. When Audra was born, I was honestly afraid that Reagan may get a little jealous (she is only three) but so far I haven’t seen that.

I hope that as these two grow up, they will be close and friends :) Leland and Beau always play together and are constantly around each other so I’m excited for (hopefully) the same with these two girls. Here’s a few photos we took the other day in their dress and romper from She Loves Her Mama – from her new vintage inspired spring line which releases soon.

…those little ruffles! so sweet. And we love the small Beatrix Potter books so much <3


Aw, this is so cute, I did this for my kid since their in my tummy, reading a book and play music for them, now they’re in 10 and 12 years they love to read and also, an avid reader in their class. Your girls are so adorable, love their clothes too and the ruffle tent behind them is so unique. Great post! XO

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