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hello, warm weather.

two things! one, the weather was so nice here the past couple of days. it made me so excited for spring :) second, i bought a remote for my camera with a gift card jay got me for christmas. and…i’ve been really wanting to try it out. so we did! it took a little bit of practice but there were a couple of shots that worked. (you should see all the ones that didn’t make it one here. they are too funny.)

hope you are having a great weekend! ours went by a little too quickly. leland has a bad cold/cough and i’m hoping he gets better soon! hate to see the little guy sick :( last night we went out to dinner for my brother’s birthday. phew, i think i ate enough for five people…such. good. food.

anywho, here are the pictures we attempted to take…

…yup, he’s going to be a brunette. and yup, he looks just like his daddy.

yes, i love him.



beautiful shots! What camera do you use?

you have such a beautiful family…

adorable pictures! :) i love what you did with your hair btw.
our little guy is sick too…there’s all kinds of nasty going around…

There is SO much that is perfect about these photos… you have such a gorgeous family and the outfits are perfect! ahh, love it!

I am not your newest follower!


you have such a pretty family! i loooove the braids.


My little one is sick also…Doc just said he has to let it run its course. It makes me feel horrible when he is coughing and crying and cant sleep because there is nothing I can do for him =(

i just stumbled upon your blog and i LOVE it. i love your photos and your very encouraging words!! i will totally be back:)

Oh my goodness I love your blog and your pictures! You have to definitely do a tutorial on how you do your hair. It’s gorgeous and so is your family :)


aw, thank you so much brooke! so kind of you :)

What kind of camera remote did you get? I’ve been looking for one on Amazon….


Your family is beautiful! Just happened upon your blog. I love it and added you on Twitter and BlogLovin’ so that I might stay up to speed with your ‘journey’. =)
Nice to “meet” you.

Here from Top Baby Blogs. These photos are simply amazing! Love them!


thank you so much for the sweet comment! so kind of you :) do you have a blog?



I really love the light in your pictures ! These are in accordance with the blog : peaceful and loving.


You are so welcome. I haven’t launched my blog yet. haha It’s a work in progress. I want it to be right. I want it to be “me”. I am shooting for March 1 though…

gorgeous gorgeous shots friend.

L.O.V.E. I’m your newest follower!

I love Leland’s outfit! So adorable. You should do a post from his closet!

I’m enjoying checking out your blog!


I am a new follower {over from Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet} and I am just loving your story! Your faith is inspiring and your family is so sweet!

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