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our monday.

just wanted to post some pictures from yesterday… we didn’t do anything fancy just had dinner at good ole chic -fil-a and went to file our taxes (woohoo.) i also made cookies and it was the first thing that i cooked/baked in a while that didn’t actual burn! my mom still gets us kids valentine’s gifts (which i love!) and leland loved his little bear. she also made the cupcakes with “xo” on them. jay makes me a handmade card every year which always turns out adorable and i love the fact that he puts some time into making it..

have a blessed tuesday!



How very domestic of you two! Glad you had a nice Valentines Day…!

love the pix :)

This is so cute!

1. Your baby is adorable
2. So are you
3. Those cookies look delish
4. I love your blog!

you guys are sweet :)


thank you so much jennifer! :)

the way you took the pictures with the effects came out beautifully! i love it! :)

Gosh, your child is beautiful. Can’t wait to have my own. He looks so cute in his little seat.

Such beautiful photos and a precious family!!

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