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caring too much.

i used to care a lot about what others think of me. and i still do some…but i’m really learning to let it go. i used to care so much about what others would think about what i would say, what i would do…that i would end up just not really saying anything at all. i’m a pretty shy person…and not too outgoing (although being married to a very outgoing person is slowly changing that ;) ) but i would be so shy and care so much about what others thought about me, that it almost gave the impression to others that i was stuck up. yup, plain ole stuck up. which truly was not the case, i was just really introverted and shy……and a bit self absorbed.

that’s what i have learned from all this more than anything. being afraid of what others think is a form of fear- and i think it is also a bit of pride. do i really want others to see my weaknesses? do i really want others to see me fail? me me me. what about others? isn’t all that truly matters is what we do in Christ’s eyes? how HE sees us, not always how others see us.

each day i strive to stray away from the “perfectionist” side of me. i have learned to just let things go…. if only two people read this, that’s fine. if no one read this, that’s fine too. if i introduce myself to someone and stumble on all my words, at least i tried. if i want to cheer someone up and bless them but am afraid of what they might think, i am going to do it anyway. this life is simply too short to run our lives around what other people think. it’s too short not to take any chances, to not take any risks.

so here’s to not caring too much about what others think of us, to taking some risks, and glorifying Him in all we do.



Oh man, this sounds EXACTLY like a journal entry of mine from last week.
I am so shy and insecure that I usually am just the quiet person in a group that goes with the flow.
But lately I have learned that God created me to be ME, and if I am doing that, I am glorifying Him! Pretty cool, I’d say. And since I ought not to live my life to please anyone but Him, I am so encouraged by this concept!

I can relate to a lot of the items you touch on, Arielle. The last sentence summed it up perfectly.

and p.s.- I’m reading :)

Wow. I am so similar – on the shy side, married to a very loud and outgoing hubby, struggled with being a perfectionist for much of my life. The Lord and my hubs are teaching me that I place far too much importance on what others think of me, instead of focusing on what my Savior thinks above all else. His approval is all that really matters. Thanks for this.


yes. :)

The Bible quote is so true , thank’s for sharing it with us.

Thank you so much for sharing this! It is so spot on! It so encouraged me and pretty much sums up so much of what I have experienced!

So true Arielle. For years I’ve wanted to start a blog, but I worried so much about what other people would think of me if I did. I finally got up the courage a couple of months ago to start blogging, and I absolutely love it! If I had let my pride and worries over what other people think stop me from blogging, I think I would’ve missed out on a great experience. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

Wow… I could have written this. That sounds just like me, all through high school and even now sometimes.

WOW! you have truly reached my heart!

As if you spoke from my heart!
Thanks for posting this! And it is so true what it says in galatians! – Who are we really trying to please?

Amazing post that truly touched my heart. I,too am realzing my need to please others and not my Savior and I can see how that through prayer I am overcoming that. God is so good and Iam thankful that he used you and this post to remind me of this. Thanks!

wow! that spoke right to my heart! i would describe myself to be the same as you…..and it makes me look like i’m “too good” or stuck up, but so not the case! i’m such a people pleaser too….i love the verse you posted, so convicting for me :) i enjoy reading your little blog here :)

This is what I have been working on/ struggling with for years! I wish there was a switch you could flip to change it all at once, but unfortunately it takes time and effort. Thanks so much for being brave and sharing. It was a great reminder to me.

Wow, I couldn’t agree more. I’m also learning to let that go. My husband is a little (A LOT) more outgoing than I am — but I am learning.

I’m a new follower. Loving your blog Did you make the layout yourself? I absolutely love it, makes me want to re-do mine.

oh my. i’ve struggled with the same. it’s funny though…you def don’t seem shy at all now. :) not even a little.

i love everyhthing about your blog. It can honestly be soothing to me…One of my readers asked me if i would post a blog “revamp” tutorial and i wanted to know if i could use your blog (link back included) and image as an example of “Sweet Vintage” perfection. Hope so! Greetings from Mexico! Clau

Arielle, how I wish we could have coffee together sometime! My personality is similar, and I often appear “aloof” due to my shyness. We’re a work in progress!

i REALLY like the message of this post. i have these exact same thoughts, but can’t put it quite so eloquently. beautifully written :)

I think it’s good that you used to care what people think and that is slowly changing. The worse scenario would be developing those fears with years. I remember being so “myself” a few years ago and lately I’ve noticed that I’m a bit paralyzed with “what someone might think”. I’m glad I noticed it on time because that kind of fear is crippling and it doesn’t allow you to breath with full lungs. And not to mention how liberating it is to just be yourself, people who matter will get that eventually. Those who don’t…well good riddance.

This reminds me a lot of what my pastor preached last night. We’re learning through the Beatitudes and he focused on “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth,” yesterday. Thank you for re-reminding that I live my life for God and no one else.
<3 leigh


this is just what I needed to hear! I have been having friend troubles lately.. and I am realizing that they will not go away when everyone gets their act together, but when I stop depending on them for things that they cannot give. This season of loneliness is a gift to grow closer to the Lord! Painful but I know that it will be good.

i just started reading your blog.. I like it a lot!

you go girl!

This is me to a tea! i get so flustered if people don’t like me, and it sucks, i wish i could change..but im trying to work on it and let things go, it’s a process though. Just remember they are not you, and no one can ever tell you how to live your life.

I can most definitely relate to this post, especially the portion about life being too short and not taking chances or risks. I’ve been so stressed out lately about two potential job opportunities because one would require me to leave a company I’ve been with for over two years and the fact that leaving this company makes me feel disloyal. I’ve recently just given it to God and asked him to just lead me where he wants me to be. It’s hard to let it go and not be in control but at the end of the day I want His will to work it’s way in my life, not my own.

All too real! How I know those feelings, as apparently with your comments, many others do to! But you nailed it…. “This life is simply too short to run our lives around what other people think.”

Thank you for speaking my thoughts. I struggle with the fear of man as well. Being a very outgoing and at times impulsive person I find myself doing exactly what I feel like doing and often wondering what is wrong with me afterward. Thankfully GOD has given me friends who seem to like me for whatever reasons and it helps me to just be myself and worry about FEARING GOD and leaving the rest to HIM. But it is still a struggle. Especially when I see people I admire looking at me funny or even when I go to bible studies and I feel like nobody cares about what I have to say. Then my pride comes out and I’m thinking of ME ME ME. ughh Sickening cycle.

Here is to letting GO of men and CLINGING to GODS approval. HERE HERE!



I really need to take this advice and use it =)!!

that verse is awesome and such a great reminder to me!

your blog ministers to me! Keep posting truth! it feeds the soul.


thank you chelsea! :)


lacey…so true…His will does work it’s way in our lives….and for His glory which is a beautiful thing!
blessings :)


..i definitely agree faith! :)


thanks so much lori! :)


You’ve just described how I was for forever!! I am still like that sometimes! Well, a lot. But I’m working on it! I try to joke to people I don’t know now and again, and I find that, with humor, I can be more outgoing. And I like that I try and do that.
Gosh, I used to be afraid of what people think of me! I still do, but it’s not as bad as before. It’s pretty crazy reading how someone else was like that. Because of course I thought I was the only one!
But you’re right. It’s pretty silly thinking this way! Why do I do it sometimes…fear. You’re right. It’s hard work to change the way I’ve thought for all of my teenage years, and still adult years, but I’m doing it!

This is exactly how I am! Slowly, I’m starting to break out of this shell. Life is too short to care what people think. =)

Wow, this post really hit home for me. I just stumbled upon your blog via another blog, and I’m SO glad I did. I’ve been feeling similar, and to see someone else out there has those same feelings is really a relief!

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to what else you have to say :)

thank you so much for this post! i needed encouragement in this area, and you gave it to me. :)

I am brand new to your blog from your feature on the Blair Affairs, and I just love it. It is beautiful and pure and inspiring… so glad to have found it! :)

amen, so true, thank you for the reminder! i just found your blog from bluebird, you are so cute-love your blog!

Amen. Similar problem here. Jesus is a great model for us – he was so atuned to his Father’s will, that he was concerned about what God thought, not what people thought. But, that didn’t make him ignore other people, or be cavalier about their needs. Instead, b/c he had the heart of his Father, it actually made him more concerned and servant-oriented. He could care for the socially disadvantaged and outcasts without concern about the negative judgment heaped on him by the ruling and religious elite. There’s the key! Good post. wb

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