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a lovely weekend…and some videos.

hope you all had a great weekend! we had a good one here. went to a concert friday night, jay did some yard work, my mom spoiled leland with some summer clothes (since he is outgrowing all of his clothes!) and we spent some time outside…i’m looking forward to this week and going to make the most of this monday. what did you do this weekend? anything exciting? …oh! and i have a couple of videos to share from this weekend. they just show that we are not serious all of the time :) haha…


…haha! happy monday.



I’m so glad you guys make these videos – so great to watch! Good luck with your little sprouts :) Love, Mom

That first video is hilarious and the second one is really beautiful! Happy Monday!


lovely pics! sounds like y’all had an AMAZING weekend! :)

Lauren @ tickled.

These videos are so cute! I love them. :)
Hope you’re having a great day!

y’all are so adorable…loved the videos!

such an attractive family. i love the headphones photo too!

you guys are just too cute!

You should start a vlogging channel on youtube! :D

Aw, I loved watching those videos. So fun! I’m glad you guys got to enjoy the weather! I was inside all day doing some computer work. Next time, I’m getting out there and doing something! :) I hope your garden works out! I’ve always thought that would be so neat to have, but my backyard is so rocky that it doesn’t work too well for us. That and I had my dad plant some sunflowers for me a year or two back and little bunnies came and ate them. haha Oh well! Someday. :)

What song did you use in your second video? I really liked it!

i’m a new follower and i LOVE your blog! love the videos–the first one is hilarious!

wow. How precious are you! I love that you find your husband so funny. That is so cute. lol And I’m digging HOME DEE-POT. Just like the lovely Tar-Jay. haha. You guys are cute. I pray I laugh as much as you did in these two videos with my husband. Or maybe I will be the one making us laugh. I’m pretty darn goofy. haha


Great videos! Made me laugh :) Glad I took the time to play them…
I like the song you chose too!

That DOES sound like fun! What concert did you go see?

Such beautiful pictures. It definitely looks like you had a great time.



I really love your hair Arielle, its so pretty and I love the way you style it!


LOVE those videos! ya’ll are so cute.
and oh my word those headphones.


your braid is perfection :)

This is adorable. Enjoy your posts. Doing a great thing.

Stay positive.

Oh my gosh, these pictures are beautiful! Your family is stunning and you all look like the perfect trio of happiness! It’s adorable. I love your side braid, too!


aw, a great weekend! I love when grandparents buy new clothes! It’s so much fun :D

Such a gorgeous family :)

Gah! Cutest little family ever. Love the videos. I need to figure out how to do that before B and I have kids!

You guys are so precious and happy! Loved it!

What a cute little family you have! I LOVE the video from Home Depot! It’s the simpliest things that make life so sweet :-)

such lovely photos! what’s your Instagram name? mine is lovelyladypilot

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I was at yoga teacher training all weekend, which is great but also a bit draining. I’m always exhausted by the time monday comes around!

Fun pictures…fun videos…thanks for sharing a little part of your weekend.


haha thank you kristin! thanks, i hope the garden works out too! ;) oh and the song on the second video is beta radio…love their music!



thank you melisande! :)


hahah thanks cheche! :) tar-jay- yes, of course! you are too funny!


we went to see a youth pastor’s in our area’s concert :)


thank you hilary :)


haha, thank you ashlee :)

Simplement superbe la série photo!
A bientôt!
Mélanie (pour les amoureuses de vintage :

I am dealing with a breakup right now, and having a very hard time, but your videos made me smile and laugh and put into perspective that God has a plan for me, that I can rest in Him.

I just love your little family… you guys are so precious, it makes me smile! :)


Leland is so adorable!! Looks like the perfect weekend :)


thank you so much for the kind comment sarah!
many blessings…

Always have loved your pictures and writing. What a treat to have them at my fingertips!! Love them ,you, and your family.

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