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being still.

(note: i don’t normally wear boots and sit in a doorway when i read, haha…i usually just have sweats on and my hair in a bun. just to let y’all know. anywhoo…) i wish i could sit down and write some nice deep, meaningful post but i can’t think of much to say at the moment. this season of life i am in is so different. i feel as though i am “on the go” a whole lot. either with the little one, with meetings, church events….whatever it may be. my mom told me the other day that it seems like i’m a whole lot more social than i was before i had leland (haha) which really is true.

there were times in my life when i would spend hours and hours alone in my room: writing, reading, listening to worship music, playing the guitar, and just being still. i would write and write and write. there were many nights when i had been asked to do something with friends and i said no, only to spend a few more hours with my journal. (like here for example.) those days are long gone, as precious as they were. i can no longer be alone for more than a half hour (or 20 minutes) at a time. it is still important that i get away and “be still” but i will be honest, those times are so rare to me nowadays.

and so now i sit here, in a totally different season of life and reflect on those simple days and long times i had alone with Jesus. now that i’m a lot busier, i’m using so much of what i learned during those times and living them out now. there were times when i was waiting and waiting but not quite sure what for, and now i see that i am no longer really waiting but living in the moment where He has placed me now. i cannot, however, forget to “be still” in the midst of my busy-ness. remember the story of martha and mary? mary spent time sitting at Jesus’ feet while mary ran around doing all sorts of things. i love what He said to martha: “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

this song spoke to me this week a lot about being still… i want Your presence. i love it.

i hope you are enjoying your sunday…it’s a beautiful one here!



just said a prayer for you girl.
ephesians 2:14- he himself is our peace.


Arielle, what a good reminder. Life does get busy. I read somewhere that there is time in the day for things we want to do, because ultimately we make time for the things we consider priorities. Some times those things aren’t really priorities at all, and need to be re-evaluated, and re-prioritized.

Thoughtful post with good food for thought.

I wish I could just sit and write in my journal. I’m thinking of actually starting my own soon :) and you used to have xanga? I remember those days!

Girl, I was the same way in highschool and in collage, until I met Jonathan. :) I wish I had more time to read and write…I know those precious still moments will only diminish more as our family grows! I’m so glad I took advantage of my free time when I was younger, as I’m sure you are as well. Don’t you miss those days though! They were wonderful!

life only gets busier and busier the older our little people get :) but yes, it’s so very very important to carve out time to just ‘be’

You know, I love the story my mother used to tell me about Susanna Wesley. She had so many children, and there was so much chaos in her home, that sometimes she had to sit on the kitchen floor and pull her apron over her head for just a few minutes, and that was as close to alone time with God as she could ever get. But she did what she could with what she had.

The verse about being still and knowing that I am God came up in the youth group I volunteer for recently. It’s a wonderful reminder….


Just found your blog, and I must say, wao. Simply fell in love (not sure thats even possible).
Pure greatness.


Your blog is pure greatness!
Fell in love.

i know how you feel. <3 there isn't a lot of "stillness" with a little one around. but having said that, you'll get some time back when he's in school. i know it seems like ages away, but it will be here before you know it.

thanks for this little reminder arielle, i really needed it! i don’t have children yet, but sometimes i think i’m just running around, trying to make sure everything gets done (when it’s really not that important) and i forget to just stop and be in the moment x

I remember the times when I used to be still.
I’d sit outside at night & watch the stars for hours on end – so calming & peaceful.
Or i’d sit in my room & write – journal entries, stories, poetry, songs…anything…
Though I sometimes think I have more time on my hands now, I manage to get less done & i’m never alone…
(plus now I live in the heart of the city, & the city lights drown out the stars…)

Needed this message today! Could not agree with you more. The Lord wants us to take time out of our busy life to be still, especially in the crazy world we live in. It helps remind me what is important and to reprioritize .

You are such an amazing and inspirational writer. I love it :)

love this. it is often difficult to find time to be still in the chaos of marriage, parenting, friendships, church, events and all the other things that steal our time. great reminder to take time for the stillness. for the recogniztion of the One who gives us time.

beautiful, beautiful post :) I know what it’s like not to have time to yourself, it’s extremely tough..i hope it gets easier

Lovely post & lovely song! Who is singing it & how on earth did you embed the song like that?! So cool!

I am very much the opposite. I was so much more social before I had Aiden. Of course I always worked then, too. I wouldn’t trade my time with him for anything, but I do miss being out and about. Maybe that will change back as he gets older…

Beautiful post!

I love the verse, “Be still and know that I am God.”

How comforting it is to know that we have a God who can quiet us with His peace that passes all understanding. He can still even the most fearful hearts.

it was beautiful in southern california as well girl. I love this post. I just prayed with my MISSION: UGANDA girls over the busyness of life that has come upon all of us. Even though I still wouldn’t say that I am in overload mode I can definitely remember when I first came to the LORD and had no real or close Christian girlfriends and I would just read and journal to Him. I didn’t understand then but boy was that a blessed season to have so much time and to use it solely to get closer to HIM and fall more in Love with HIM. He knows exactly what He is doing though and I know that all of that time alone has helped me to appreciate the women I now call SISTERS so much more. Definitely want to spend more time with Him and not only that but have a real “newbeliever” hunger as I read His word.

love you girl!!


beautiful post :)

What a beautiful post! I too have had such stressful weeks lately, but coming before the Lord and being still is the most important thing. Especially in times like these! xo


thanks leigh! :) it’s a wordpress plugin that lets me embed the song….pretty cool!


thank you melissa :)

i tend to feel really scattered some days, so this advice definitely hits home with me. i need to spend time giving something back, so i recently started some volunteer work that has been rewarding. i hope it helps me become focused and heal from some emotional heart ache i’ve been through.

What a timely post, Arielle. I have been doing some soul-searching lately on the topic of church. It has always been a part of my life – youth activities, socials, mission conferences, but for a while it felt so draining. I wanted to feel inspired at church not get dragged to another ladies cookie bake. I still feel a little up in the air regarding my feelings of today’s church, but I really appreciate this post – gave me more things to contemplate. xx

Lovely post & lovely song. Do you know what album it’s on? Haven’t been able to find it on iTunes…

I’m not sure how I found your blog, but nonetheless, this post could probably have been written by me word for word. I love stumbling upon those like-hearted and like-minded. I just had a little boy (5 months old) and my days of journaling, song-writing, fellowshipping with the Lord, listening to worship music, and just BEING have slipped away too. I was such an introvert, I don’t know how I survive now with such constant interaction with people.

Anyways, there is a grace for every season. I keep telling myself that. And that the Lord creates every season with the perfect circumstances to provoke the greatest amount of love from within our hearts for Himself. Even though busyness, and babies, and dinners, and grocery shopping, and worship practice don’t seem like the exact equation for allowing me to fall in love, it must be… because He’s a good Father, a Sovereign God, and a Perfect Leader.

Well, here’s to Mary – she who found the One Thing. May our hearts burn as hers did – and may He carve out times for us to be at His feet.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for posting this, Arielle. I’m one who always struggles with the consistency of being still. I really love the times when I’m still before the Lord and just being, but for some reason I seem to struggle with doing. I have lists and things I “need” to do and places to be… One of my goals, though, this spring and summer is to make more time for getting away to a park or someplace quiet, away from distractions, with my Bible and my journal and just enjoying being with Him. :)

I love this post! I wish I had more of these times too. Being still in his presence is such a wonderful thing!

Beautiful post. And i relate so much. I’ve been journaling since middle school and these days I get so busy that I miss out on the beauty of writing in my sweet journal. it’s just so wonderful to go back and see how God helped us in times of trouble and how we survived or simply see how we’ve grown in Him.

I pray for more time for you to be still, writing and in His presence.


Such a great post. Isn’t it amazing how God gives us that time of stillness and solitude to prepare our hearts for the season’s of busyness. Hopefully soon you will find enough of a balance that you can get back some of that quiet time. :) Beautiful photo!

ok. this SPOKE TO ME!
particularly… “there were times when i was waiting and waiting but not quite sure what for…” that is me right now. i know the Lord is telling me to spend this season fully in Him, because i can and have the time. so, so amazing.

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