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i am going to be honest, today i was driving and thought to myself…”i wonder if i should get one of those fish for my car..” you know, the ones that are silver and you stick em on the back of your car to let others know that you are a Christian. i thought it was a great idea, but then i thought about it some more. does that mean i can’t honk at people anymore or get upset when someone cuts me off? (just kidding, i don’t do that too often.)

and then i thought some more. lately i’ve been running into some people at random places who read this little blog. some i know, some i don’t. the majority of the time it will be when i’m in my sweats and my hair is a mess. (you know, like those times you go to the store a mess ’cause you know no one will be there. and sure enough, you run into every one you know!) anywho, it really brought me to thinking about being a living example of God’s grace and love. sometimes (for me) this is easier said than done. we do not know who is watching us when we are in our schools, in our workplace, in our neighborhoods, or even in our homes. maybe even in the car next to us on the highway ;) our testimonies mean more than we know. i pray that we live our lives so differently than others around us. not in an arrogant sort of way, but in a way that brings glory to our Savior.

…that might mean not watching the movies that the rest of the world watches. it might mean not conforming and listening to the music others may listen to.  it may even mean spending and investing our time differently than others around us. how we live our daily lives shows who and what we treasure most. it brings to mind the verse in hebrews:

we are to be the breath of God. every where we go. with the people we talk to, the people that we meet. we don’t have to be a missionary to reach out to those around us. it can be the guy behind the counter at the grocery store who may need a word of encouragement. maybe it’s a friend you don’t talk to anymore. others are watching to see how we, as Christians live our lives.



Blog hopping today and came across yours…. Your photography is beautiful and your blog is very creative!

you’re so inspirational!!

“We don’t have to be a missionary to reach out to those around us” – I loved that part. It’s so true. I’ve run into more people that read mine too. I never knew these people would be interested! It was a blessing and a challenge – just like you described. Thanks for sharing this girl!



I’ve been following your blog for about a month and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Your blog is a wonderful reminder a God’s simple love and how life is supposed to be. Your blog posts are beautifully honest and I really enjoy being surround by my christian family even if its through the web. Thank you!

You ARE a “missionary” Arielle, wherever you go! Your desire to be a living example is proof enough! “Missionaries” don’t have to go oversees or to a foreign country to be on a mission for God. Living with a mission, a purpose, a calling is what makes you a missionary, and you’re doing that in your home, on the Internet, in your neighborhood… =)

So I literally got chills reading this. I absolutely love it, especially the verse in Hebrews. Thanks so much for your inspiration & sharing what God lays on your heart with us!
<3 leigh

one thing i really like about your blog as that it can apply to me. you’re not just shoving doctrine down our throats but just talking about the things you notice and feel. and your scriptures and quotes are great! i am lds and i love your blog. sometimes you say things that ring true in my heart, like how our testimonies mean so much more than we realize, and that sharing our light with others can help bring them to truth and happiness :)

as always, simply beautiful.

Thanks for the beautiful encouragement!

Very very true! Beautifully said. Thank you for the reminder. =)

So true, I especially agree what you said about movies and music! It SO bothers me when Christians (and myself included sometimes) watch movies with immorality and swearing. I think of the verse “abstain from EVERY appearance of evil”

you are so right :) this is such a great post with lovely springness. I love the lilacs :)

seriously just love your posts! so inspiring. Thank you!!

I love your bloggy so much! Too darling and the photos are fabulous.

Wow, your blog is absolutely WONDERFUL. Your photos, blog design, writing is so beautiful. Definitely following. I totally agree that it is so important to be an example of Christ anywhere you go and at any time. At this day and age, people who strive to live Christlike lives are quite rare and somewhat unusual – people are definitely watching us.

I was just thinking the other day about a documentary I saw with Rich Mullins. I so loved Rich Mullins. ( still do) In it he was talking about having been on a train I think in Amsterdam, and he had been sharing with Beaker something he was really struggling with, and all of a sudden, someone on the train turned to him and said, “Are you Rich Mullins?” Here he was in Europe, thinking know one would know him, so he had been sharing freely. He sat there, and had to think back on everything he had just been discussing. Also, this fish mention in your post made me think of a friend of mine who said she would rather not pray before meals at restaurants. When I asked her why, she said it was because she would hate it if something bad/unpleasant happened, and she got mad at the waiter, and would give Christians a bad rap.

Our walk with Christ isn’t a performance, it’s a relationship. We still are who we are, and God’s grace is visible in who we are, and not who we pretend to be. I would rather be real, and flawed, and striving to be like Christ, than someone who has it all together, or who is loudly professing to be a Christ follower, but is doing more damage than good. I am so thankful for your honesty in this post, because I’m sure it is exactly how many people feel. What I have gone to time and time again, is the fruit. By fruit, I mean fruit of the spirit. If there are visible signs of fruit in one’s life, it is a sign of a genuine walk with Christ. You have fruit darling, and just like this post shows you are pointing people to Him, and that is what really matters.

such a wonderful thought provoking post. We never know who is watching us during our daily ins and outs…but, one thing I do know…we might be the ONLY Jesus someone sees today! Shine your light!

This is beautiful! I just had a conversation about this with a gal pal of mine. It’s so important to always exemplify the teachings of Christ. As woman of faith, it can be challenging to try to walk that narrow path, but it’s so much sweeter. Reminds me of a quote “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”.

as usual, i totally and completely 100% agree with you. our church is doing a series on ‘living dangerously’ and it fits right in with this. love everything you have to say!

loved this! so, so true.
people know we are different by simply living a higher standard and through kindness. it’s the day to day stuff that sets us apart.

What a wonderful reminder to be in the world, but not of it. Thanks for the simplicity in your words, yet poignancy in your message. Every now and then we sure can use a good reminder about how influential even the smallest of our actions are :)

Well said! This is a great reminder.


amen sister. Jesus gave the mandate for all of us to go and make disciples of ALL the nations, that means the ones we are living in now, too. Its easy, even on the blogosphere, to get caught up in appearances, to worry what others will think – and despite all that, at the end of the day the Lord will love you more and better than thousands of others. Stay true to Him and be blessed. Emily xx

This is so true Arielle! I am always thinking this when I really just want to “slack”. I don’t want to clean my table after I eat sometimes at a restaurant, or stay after church and speak to anyone, or be kind to customers who cuss or yell at me. I don’t want to do those things and I sometimes go as far as to tell God in those situations MY SIDE and let Him know WHY I should or shouldn’t do the aforementioned things. It is great though to listen and obey His spirit within me and have peace no matter what extra step I had to take or what I had to hold back and keep to myself. It always feels so much better to just OBEY. Though it be a struggle HIS STRENGTH IS SUFFICIENT IN OUR WEAKNESS RIGHT?

thank you for this one. I needed a boost in the obedience department.


Hebrews 13:2 verse is one of my favourites!

I have been feeling the exact same things lately! Vince and I have started working with teenasgers in a local youth group and their lives are always on my mind. I’m feeling more mindful of what I do, how I dress, what I say, and how I interact with my boyfriend lately because I want to set a good example for them. But really, we should do that always because the world is watching us! Great reminder, thank you!

What a wonderful post. I believe this with all my heart. and of course beautiful pictures…you want to fly to California and teach me?

Totally gorgeous.

Thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about these things a whole lot lately. Being a living example is so hard some times, it requires tough choices and sacrifices. It is good to know we are not alone in this, though. Thanks again for posting this; happy day!

I know I could never have a fish on my car. I know how I can be when I drive and I know how I react when I see someone with a fish on theirs scream, honk and cut people off, it’s; ‘nice job buddy. Way to represent’ …along with other thoughts about the person. But it just reminds me how much I don’t want to have that kind of ‘representation’ in the eyes of others. I’d rather, not, do my thing when I drive without thought, but be a living example without the ‘label’ I’ve put on myself..or rather car. I am going to sin just like everyone else, just as often as everyone else and know I can’t live up to the expectation there would be…

This sounds like a cop-out, like I’m hiding to the world, just the opposite really. He didn’t call me to ‘fish’ up but to live and serve Him and through Him, others. :)

What a beautifully written and heartfelt post! I don’t even have the words to describe how much I loved this. :)

I LOVE that verse in Hebrews. One of my all-time favorites and such a beautiful reminder!

Beautifully stated, Arielle.


Wow! So encouraging! Thanks for writing this blog; it has such beautiful photos and inspiring words :)

this post is beautiful.
but more importantly, your heart is beautiful!
Thanks for being a woman after His own heart — what a great example.

Oops baby cut me off ;) So true and something to remember daily! I have gotten plenty of teasing from friends and family for being so picky about movies and music, but it is important to me.

So beautiful….you are gorgeus!!!
Follow me:


i agree! :) it’s important to me as well…


thank you so much rylie…
many blessings to you.


thank you jo :)


thanks ashlee…i love it also :)


thank you so much courtney!


amen! i totally agree emily :) what an awesome way to put it!


thank you for the encouragement hannah :) it is definitely hard…amen! it’s a fight but for His glory.


thanks jessica! and i have never been to california so…yes ;) haha!


i so agree! we help out with youth as well and it really does make you think again about what you say and how you act because they really do look up to you.
so true :) blessings scout!


amen cheche…preach it girl! :) there are times when i am rude to customer service and then i’m like “why did i just act like that!!” haha.
blessings girl!


i so agree! definitely on the “blogosphere” i can get so easily caught up in appearance and perfectionism which is just silly.
that you for your encouragement emily! :)


thank you jordan :)


thank you for the encouragement amy :)


“As woman of faith, it can be challenging to try to walk that narrow path, but it’s so much sweeter.” …amen! :) definitely agree.


thank you melody! :)


wow…the rich mullins story is awesome….thank you so much for sharing!

“Our walk with Christ isn’t a performance, it’s a relationship. ” …amen! thank you for the encouragement, it is truly a blessing :)


thank you so much kristine! can’t wait to check out your blog :)


…i agree andrea! :)


…thank you so much paige :) i just want to glorify Christ in my everyday life…not always easy He’s worthy.
i grew up around an lds family and i love them all so much, one of the sweetest families i’ve ever known!


thank you leigh! :)


thank you for the encouragement yolanda (as always) ;)
p.s. i’m looking forward to your new blog!!


thank you so much for the kind words cheryl! many blessings :)

Love this! So, so true!

This is a wonderful reminder.


I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and I just want to let you know how inspiring you are as a person and a Christian. You are a wonderful example who is beautiful inside and out.

i just found your blog…can’t even remember from where i came:)…anyways, it’s really beautiful. i loved scrolling through it…and what a great post about Christian living. it’s definitely not hanging out in your comfort zone…and sometimes it’s just really really hard. but it is nice to read that other girls have those same struggles– and that we all have a chance to shine for the Lord with His grace:)

thanks for sharing your faith…and pretty pics!!


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