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Spring is one of my favorite seasons. After a long winter, spring just seems so much sweeter and there is so much to be thankful for (especially the warm weather!) These are some quotes from Sally Clarkson about spring that I read the other day and just love…

“Spring is a picture of rebirth and resurrection. It proclaims anew each year that there is a powerful river of life ever flowing in God’s creation that can never be held back or stopped. Tree sprout buds, grass grows, flowers bloom, and birds come back to sing because God has ordained a beautiful rhythm of returning life. It is His design.” 

“God is pleased when we learn to celebrate life and good things He has given us. We bring him joy by accepting the gladness found in the gifts He has provided. We will all walk through many seasons of springtime in our lives. They are bright, innocent, promising days that can fill our spiritual and emotional tanks for the future, but only if we will enter into their joy and their adjustments with grace. Winter will come again soon enough. How important it is that we choose to celebrate beauty when we can, storing up joy and happiness to revisit in the cold of winter nights ahead.” 

“Spring is a time to live fully in the present, love deeply, and celebrate the newness of life as it comes our way.” -Sally Clarkson

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Rev.  21:5


Love that last quote! And SO glad it’s spring!! <3

These photo’s are simply amazing!

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