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second time around.

I’m sitting here writing this with Leland sitting next to me along with his six hot wheels cars. :) I am still in somewhat of a disbelief that we’ll have another little one come next year. What a blessing!! I would have never guessed five years ago that I’d have two little ones by now. This time around, I haven’t been quite as sick as my pregnancy with Leland. The morning sickness ¬†with him was horrible and lasted 4-5 months. They even prescribed me meds to keep the nausea down. So thankful it’s not like that this time! I’ve just been extremely tired and I’ve even fought some depression this time around. Crazy huh?! It’s common in early pregnancy and it definitely hit me a little bit. Just hormones going crazy I guess-haha!! Lately, I’ve been feeling much better and even working out again. Praise the Lord.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to spending this long weekend at home, catching up on some things. Now that I’m feeling better, hopefully I will be writing more as well. Today, I’m counting my blessings and looking forward to this crazy but awesome journey! Have a beautiful weekend, friends! xo.



I’m so glad you haven’t been too sick! What a blessing! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is super smooth!

That stinks you’ve been feeling depressed with this pregnancy. :( I’m glad bad sickness hasn’t added to it. Hopefully you continue to feel better and better throughout.

Love that picture by the way. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes


I love those shoes on you! I remember when and where you got them ;) So glad you are finally feeling better. Keep up with your workouts! Love, Mom

So super excited for you. I am there with the pregnancy depression… hope you continue to feel better!

So glad you’re feeling better! And I love that photo! It’s amazing what can happen in five years. I wonder where I will be! Exciting!

Thankful to hear that you’re feeling better, Arielle! I’ve learned that working out really will help with a lot of your issues, and as I find, pregnant or not, it sure helps with the depression! Sure wish I lived closer to work out with your mom these days! :)

I love every detail about your image … just beautiful! You have a blessed weekend .. we’re getting ready, anytime now, to enjoy some of Hurricane Isaac’s rain this weekend here in Indy … we sure do need it! Hopefully, it won’t last through Monday, but if so, I need to do some catching up here online anyway, and I’ve neglected my site far too long!!


I am so excited about a new arrival! I know it will be a “second wonderful blessing” to many of our lives. I tell my “mama” that she if going to have her 10th great grandchild in April…It makes her laugh and smile, so I tell her everytime that I am with her, because with Alzheimers , she forgets. What a beautiful gift you gave her…to relive the “proudness” that she has about that…. over and over! Love Terra

Dearest Arielle
So very happy for your guys!!! Wow what a blessing!!!
May this be such a blessed time, filled with so much love & joy!!

Thank you for always inspiring.


So very happy for you and this most blessed news! Get plenty of rest, exercise when you can, and remember to just breath.

Yay for less sickness! I’m excited to follow you on this journey!

Arielle, I love that photo! How wonderful that your morning sickness isn’t as intense this time around. Honestly, that aspect of pregnancy frightens me the most! I’m glad that you’re feeling better and that the depression seems to be fading. Best of luck to you on this journey!


Thank you so much Faith! :) Have a wonderful week!


Thank you Jhen! :)


Thank you Olivia! :) Blessings!


Thank you Vivi! What an encouragement! Blessings! :) xo


Thank you so much Deborah :) I am definitely going to be working out more, especially now that I am feeling better. I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend. We got plenty of rain here! ;) Blessings!


Thank you, Anne! :)


Thank you, Ashley! :) Blessings!!


Thank you, Emily! :) Hope you had a great long weekend!!


Thank you Jennifer! :)

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