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hello, november.

Wow, I can’t believe November is already here! I love this month, much to look forward to… Thanksgiving, my birthday is in a week, other family birthdays, decorating for Christmas and spending lots of time with family. LOVE IT! Well, anyway we took these pictures a few weeks ago and wanted to post them before…well, just before I forget :) (Note: this is not how we dress every day and you should have seen the other pictures we took….um, let’s just say almost all of them Leland was crying or whining. :) It was a miracle he stood still for even one!)

Other things I am looking forward to this month….updating my faq on this blog (including why I don’t give away editing tips), getting caught up on all of my recent sessions, getting a package in the mail with my new business materials (cards, etc.), going to North Carolina with my family, catching up and reading my fav. blogs (been so busy lately!), watching the CMA awards (I know, I know..), putting up the Christmas tree, and last but not least buying Justin Bieber’s Christmas CD (totally just keeding! …but maybe not.) :)  What are your plans for November? Anything exciting?

Happy November! Much love!


I have a question: how do you were your beret like that so easily on your head? Do you use hair pins? Thanks :)


Great Pictures!!

Beautiful pictures, Arielle! Your family is just gorgeous.

haha! i love that you gave a disclaimer that you don’t always dress like that. you are too cute girl. and real. which is why i love reading your blog! :)

These pictures sum up fall…I love them!!

stop it right now! you are too beautiful for your own good. the colors here are perfect.

I know, happy first day of November! =D Hmmm… special plans? Well, Thanksgiving is ALWAYS great (and yummy) and our church does a special “thankful” service the night before which I LOVE going to, the night before Thanksgiving. Let’s see… a friend of mine invited me to a local crafts fair that will benefit Drops of Love Ministries that digs wells in countries that don’t have fresh water, so that would be cool to go to if it works out.

OH, silly me! P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Just got off work…How nice to come home to a little puter relax time and see such great colors and pics……Love the book picture…want to find book that Leland would like….Eleanor always loved a book read to her…Give some clues on what to get before Christmas….Love you all Mage…..terra and Mama

nothing exciting just looking forward to trying to to enjoy NOVEMBER as much as I can until I watch it dissappear as quickly as October did. Lol…. blessings girl!


I second the question above, how do you keep your berets on? I suppose I just haven’t learned the trick yet. :) I love your white dress! I like seeing how people continue the use of their Summer wardrobe into Autumn! :)

Your pictures never fail to take my breath away! SO beautiful. And I love your honesty, it’s much appreciated :) I hope you have a wonderful November, it sounds like you will!

Your pictures are so cute. Love the hiding behind the book one. Cute family.

Hoping to finish all my schoolwork in time!

hhmmm so its not exactly an editing tip, but mainly, how do you take pictures of you guys? Self timer? You look too relaxed for a self timer…remote? I see none in your hand.

Now you have me curious why you don’t give away editing tips. But now I have another question. How do you decide which lens or lenses to use when shooting weddings/engagement shoots or anything else? Do you stick with 1 lens the whole time? Do you change it up with 2 or more? And what kinds do you tend to use?
Ok, I’m done. :)
Emily w/Amazing Grapes


I love your photos & your family is so cute! Beautiful fall colors!

I just love these photos! They are so gorgeous! I might have to put my Christmas tree up early too. I’m already in a Christmasy mood!
But first a trip to the corn maze is in order!

Such a cute little family. Im excited for my birthday also (on the 5th), the CMAs…also, Thanksgiving, and time with family!!

This is adorable and you guys look gorgeous. I want you take my pictures!!!

Awww. I love the photo of you kissing! Happy November to you!

Such beautiful pictures! That top one is a framer for sure!
Love, Leigh

I just love this time of year, and those pictures! Oh my goodness. Beautiful! I may or may not be buying J. Bieber’s album soon too:-) Everyone has been raving about it! xoxo

Love the family pictures! I’ve been wanting to use the book idea, too! Putting up the Christmas tree is a fave for me : ) We didn’t have one last year and I’m so excited to spend a day with the hubby decorating our first real one!

These photos are so gorgeous, what a beautiful family!! Baby boy is getting so big and handsome!!

you always have the sweetest family pics, lovely colors too!

I am looking forward to most of those things, too!

LOVE the CMAs! (I’m right outside of Nashville, so I think it’s a prereq!)

Uh, beautiful!

happy november! christmas is just around the corner, yikeees! I love the changing color leaves in these photos. I cant wait for your post on the not giving away editing tips! ppl always ask me and I feel weird about not sharing and sharing about it :D


thank you so much lanna! :) blessings!


thank you so much olivia! enjoy your weekend!! :)


thank you so much! :)


thank you so much amylou! :)


Hi Emily!! :)

I actually have 5-6 lenses that I primarily shoot with. I only use about 3 for family and engagement pictures :) Also I use a tripod to take the pictures of us with a wireless remote….it was so worth the investment! ;)



thank you debby! :)


thank you so much! :) blessings!


the berets that i buy are usually pretty snug but if they start to get loose i will use bobby pins to keep them on :)
have a beautiful weekend!


hope all is well chetreanna! :) blessings girl! <3


thank you yolanda!! :D


Hi rachel!! most of the berets i buy are snug enough but if they aren’t i’ll use bobby pins to keep them on :)


thank you so much annie! <3


thank you!! xo.

Aww, these pictures are so sweet! That’s cool that you guys are traveling to NC…I’m a NC girl, myself. *winks*

Lovely photos! I wish we had beautiful fall leaves here in San Diego. Hardly anything changes color here. I’m really looking forward to getting a Christmas tree! I’m also looking forward to my sister’s 17th birthday and Thanksgiving at my mom’s new house :)

Lovely photos! I’m so looking forward to buying a Christmas tree because we didn’t have one last year. I wish we had pretty fall leaves like that here in San Diego :)

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