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making the best use of time.

in 2012, i want to be making the best use of time  ….it is so easy to get distracted by everything it seems these days. whether it’s pinterest, an iphone, ipad, or just browsing the internet for no apparant reason…there are so many distractions in our generation. although i do want to be inspired and think that it’s necessary in photography and life in general, it shouldn’t become a time waster. there are so many things today that are good but sometimes very simply, waste time.

being a stay at home mom with a little one, i feel like it sometimes takes a lot of discipline to get things done the things that i need to get done. this year, i want to focus my attention on what truly matters while other things that don’t matter as much, can wait. this year, i want to spend more time reading books. i want to spend more time in the Word, even if that means waking up before the rest of the house is awake. instead of spending large amounts of time on media (internet, tv, etc.) i want to spend time playing music and writing.

one day the way that i use my time will be seen by leland who spends all day with me. the Lord already sees. i want to be an example and not necessarily “busy” but to be intentional with the way i use my time. that is my prayer for this year. Lord, may i use this time that i’ve been given to accomplish all that you would have for me to do, with purpose and in love.

“look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” isaiah 5:15


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! I don’t have any little ones following me around anymore. I actually think I did make better use of my time when I had kids at home, maybe it was because I had no choice in order to get everything done :). Now that I’m an empty nester, it seems like I’m not using my time as efficiently and not appreciating how quickly it passes (on a daily level- it’s flying by otherwise ;). I love that you’re wanting to be “more intentional” with your time. That’s exactly what I want to do. Your prayer is one that women of all ages need to lift up :). Thanks for reminding and encouraging me :).

Amen, amen! :) I’m in the same boat. 2011 made me do a re-evaluation of what I spent time on and now I’ve got different things I want to do. More stillness, more things of value, more restful things, more Jesus. :)

It is so easy to get distracted! Some days I spend all day on my phone/computer that my house at the end of the day looks like a tornado hit. Its embarrasing really. I really want to limit myself to a certain amount of time a day where I blog/watch tv/use my phone. 1 hour is my plan. I have been starting to wake up an hour before everyone in the house to get my cleaning, reading, blogging, organizing etc. done and I have found it has made me and everyone in my house a lot happier :)

I hope to spend more time being productive this year rather than wasting time on the internet. I hope my 2012 resolutions will help me to do that. I especially want to read more before bed instead of on my computer. Good luck with your resolutions :)

What a good reminder to spend time wisely and intentionally. I’m trying to do better myself, I’m a horrid procrastinator!


My sister and I were talking about this today and came to the same conclusion as you! It’s so easy to waste a half hour or more on the internet and there are so many more meaningful ways to spend time. You are always so full of wisdom Arielle! Love your posts.

Beautiful Photos, beautiful blog. I look forward to following in 2012

I LOVE this! It’s something I’ve really been struggling with lately and praying about.. actually partly because some of your posts have encouraged me to do so! It is so easy to spend too much time on the computer instead of on the things that matter. Thank you for being an encouragement! ~Blessings!~

Arielle, I’ve been thinking the same. I often get so distracted with things that are not bad, but are not productive either, or dont help me be more productive (internet browsin). So this year, I want to focus more on reading the word too, and hopefully stick to it throughout 2012. I often kick off well and then slack off towards the end. Don’t want to do that anymore. I find that I’m better at time management when I spent more time with the Lord, in silence, in his presence, it’s like he gives me an extra dab of energy to do more in my day.

Blessings to you and your little one. I pray that we make 2012 better, that we all do!

Every word of this post is absolutely true. When God’s will is for us to keep our thoughts captive to Christ, it seems that there are so many reasons to lose our hold on that attitude. I wonder if one can keep her thoughts captive to Christ WHILE watching a movie, or checking e-mails, or going through pinterest. It’s almost like I compartmentalize life and keep God only in the quiet times, but the times that I enjoy myself with media are me-times. Is this wrong? Is this something I can give up? I hope this will be something I will bring before God and surrender it to Him. Thanks for the encouraging post!

perfect! that will be my prayer now too!

oh goodness, this post is just so beautiful! i definitely want to use this beautiful year more wisely! and really enjoying those things around me that can make me so happy!
xo TJ

Love this post also your blog is beautiful. Just popped over from thewiegands and happy I stopped by. I too am working on not wasting time. I am so busy with work and grad school I can’t afford to waste time, yet I frequently do!

I really really resonate. I like the way you wrote this. :) Music and writing and books and the Word are all on the top of my list too.

Girl, this post is exactly why I read your blog. So true – so encouraging. It’s like gentle kick in the butt for me to hear this…even as I sit here reading blogs instead of spending some much needed time with the Lord. Thanks for being a truth teller. I’m gonna get off the internet now! : )

Emily Bender

I really loved reading this and God knew I needed too. Thanks. p.s. I love the picture of the clock. :)

Staying home with my boys, I get easily distracted and hop on the internet while they play or nap. It’s so easy to get caught up in that and before you know time as passed and you have missed what God had in store for you during that time. Thanks for the reminder to be more careful about how I spend my time. :)

I’ve been thinking about this, too and it is now my prayer for 2012. May we all use our time wisely for the glory and honour of Jesus Christ! :)

Have you ever read organized simplicity? Its such a great read, and very helpful in implementing a lot of the desires you listed. I already have more time to snuggle, more time to read, more time to create than I did before. Its written by blogger Simple Mom, and she has such a wonderful blog too. I couldn’t agree more with the verse you posted! :)

Beautiful blog and great post!

I want to spend more time in my word too:)


Thank you (as always) so much for the encouragement Rita! :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year! Love, Arielle

I love this Arielle. Definitely something I want to improve upon in 2012 as well!

i love your blog… it is just so refreshing and full of JESUS. keep up the great work. your styling is lovely as well! :) i love simple + beautiful.
the world needs more gentle and loving wives/mothers such as yourself. blessings~

oh man, i feel ya! i need to remind myself that time is precious and should be used wisely. thanks for the reminder! xx

this is exactly what i’ve been thinking about as far as 2012 goals.. i definitely want to spend less time on electronics and internet distractions! i want to fill my time with writing more music, recording, reading books, etc. thanks for this post :)

Gorgeous blog/family/perspective! So glad Melissa linked you. :)
And are you somewhere in IN? Me, too!

What beautiful pictures! You have a handsome little boy and I love your simple yet gorgeous style. New follower by way of the Wiegands :) Look forward to reading your blog….


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