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hello march!

the weather was so beautiful yesterday and we just had to go to the park after jay got off work. leland loves running around and he especially loved splashing in all of the puddles. “spash spash!” as he says :) now that it’s march…i’m hoping the weather continues to warm up so that we can spend more time outside!

love my new pink moccasins :) i wear them everywhere.

hey! my hair is straight (for once!)

hope you are having a beautiful week!! can you believe that it’s already march?! i can’t believe it! i’m so looking forward to spring and hopefully starting a garden again. (we tried last year and failed miserably haha) oh and also easter, one of my favorite holidays :) have a great day y’all!


Happy March!! Your photos are making me excited for spring!! I cant wait!! & I love your moccasins, the color is so cute… perfect for spring!! :)


where are your moccasins from? I like them!

he is the cutest combination of you two- what a beautiful child, and beautiful parents!

those mocs are awesome btw.

you are the cutest. i can’t get over your family.

Yay March! I love this month. :) Leland is such a cutie! :) I love his old man sweater…adorable!

Happy March! I can’t believe it either. Blows me away!! his outfit is priceless. Such a cutie!!
Here’s to warmer weather. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

I am so ready for spring! Yesterday’s weather was crazy amazing here in Ohio! Your little guy is so precious :)

ok your family is beyond adorable! i cant get over it.
i also want your pink mocs! soo cute!

you guys are so adorable! Such a relaxing post

What a sweet little baby boy you’ve got!! Looks like a fabulous dayyy!! I’m so GLAD it’s March too!!!! I get married in 30 days! :)

also – just noticed that your photo up to the left, your wearing a dress that I own too! from F21! one of my FAVORITE dresses might I add! love the lacy details! :)

Happy March!! :)


I am for one soooo excited for spring!! Everything is new and vibrant again! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. And very cute moccasins…I’d wear them everywhere to :p

I love your pink shoes! They are really cute and look comfortable too! :-) Leeland is such a handsome fella… you must be such a proud mom to have a cutie like him!

I am sorry about my last comment, it double posted! I don’t know what happens. :/


ehem…I know where you go those moccasins ;) Love, your gift-giving MOM

love your shoes :D we have a place near our house that looks like that and I can’t wait for the glowy light that comes with spring!


Love love love LeLands smile.It’s sooooo precious! He’s beginning to turn into a little man!! He looks like such a sweet, mischevious, sneaky, happy, loving,good little boy. Oh and LOL you and Jay aren’t too bad looking either. :) hehe..

His cardigan is SUPER cute and so are your new shoes :)

Hey gorgeous, your moccasins are absolutely amazing! Your family is so perfect, you are always inspiring me to get up and just take amazing pictures!

This looks like such a beautiful day!! I just love this beautiful family!! Your hearts are in the right place, my friend!!

Leland’s hair is getting so blonde! What a cute little guy. Your moccasins and straightened hair are adorable!

Leland is such a cute little cool dude! :)

looks like a perfect leap day with your loving family. your hair looks beautiful.

your family is beautiful and i must say im quite addicted to your blog!! :)

How precious is your little man! Darling, I always love how naturally candid your pictures look… truly inspiring.

You always have such lovely photos!!

Love these gorgeous photos! Your little boy is the best and is getting so expressive these days! GIVEAWAY for your readers over on my blog today…

Your little boy is just so adorable! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your words, perspective and creativity! I love your blog!!!! You are so very talented…what a blessing!

Oh, I love your blog! Such beautiful photos and stories. I found you via Katie’s Pencil Box. It’s always so great to see little slices of NKY and Cincinnati across the web.

Love his cardigan!! Where did you get it? I love to dress up my little boys too, at least until they allow me!!

but quiet is good. best meditation is when our head is EMPTY. it allows our subconscious to get a say in thought n things..

Yea! It’s spring!! Although at the moment, we’ve got an inch of snow on the ground. I hope it warms up soon…can’t wait!

Love your straight hair, Arielle! Your hair is always so very pretty. :)

I hope you and your family have a lovely March!

aw he has the cutest lil smile, i love all his bottom teeth! Kaylee has 3 and I get so excited everytime I see a new one…well minus the teething baby crying of course! lol

you take such beautiful pictures!!!!!

I especially love the perspective on that first photo, awesome!!

:) T

your hair looks beautiful and that little boy is just darling!!!

catching up on your blog! :) Loved your last post about motherhood!! I spend most of my time with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old…I often question if I am doing enough for God and then I realize he given me the greatest task of all raising kids.


thank you so much jess! :)


thank you so much sarah! :)


thank you so much mariel :)


aw thank you grace!! :)


thanks so much faith! hope all is well :)


thanks so much olivia! hope all is well! :)


thank you so much janelle! many blessings :)


thanks so much christina! :)


hehe thank you penny! :) much love!


thanks so much nicole! :)


thank you marie! :)


oh congrats on your wedding…that is so close, very exciting!! :)
thank you for the sweet comment!


thanks so much elsha! :)


thanks so much emily! :) hope all is well!

Aw, I love these pictures!

Loving your blog – found you from the artful blogging magazine

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