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easter sunday.

we spent a few hours at my parent’s house on sunday for easter. it was such a beautiful day! leland had a little easter basket with some bubbles and a few treats and he loved driving around on my parent’s land in the kubota. i think he might have had a little too much sugar and chocolate this weekend….i think i did too ;)

…my mom made these cupcakes, they were delicious!!

…a gift from my folks…isn’t this the neatest birdhouse you’ve ever seen?! ha! love it!

i had my grandpa’s old pentax film camera from the 70’s out and took a few photos yesterday. i still have a lot to learn with film but i was excited when a few of the photos did actually turn out! here are a few of them…

hope you had a wonderful easter as well, friends!


I love the birdhouse!! I’ve always wanted a camera like that..
He is risen!

Looks like you had a fun weekend with your family! As always, your photos are stunning.

Oh that birdhouse is so cute. Can it be ordered or is a one of a kind.
Nice pictures. You can tell the difference. The later ones have an aged look.

Looks like you had a beautiful Easter! And I love that birdhouse! =D

that bird house is totally cool, glad to see you had a good easter sunday!

What a thoughtful and perfect gift! Love it. And I just love Easter. It’s such a hopeful holiday and it fills my heart to the brim. Hope yours was just as blessed friend!


Love the birdhouse! And, the old camera picks. That’s what I remember photographs looking like when I was a kid! LOL Do you develop your own film?

What a Happy Easter! :)
I love the look of the old film! & The cupcakes look so cute & yummy!

I think that’s so interesting to see how those pictures turned out compared to a digital. Talk about having personality! I haven’t used film in, I think 8 or 10 years. Whoa!

So glad you had a great Easter and that bird house is amazing!
Emily at Amazing Grapes


Thanks Emily! :) Hope you had a blessed Easter!


Thank you Caroline :) And nope…I had to take them somewhere to be developed ;)


Thank you Faith!! :)

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