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20 weeks!

dress: lulu’s   sweater:  anthropologie   boots: dolce vita   belt: target

We’ve made it!! Week 20. Half way there! I feel like this has all been going by super fast, but I think it’s because I have a toddler preoccupying my mind this time around. I’ve also noticed that at 20 weeks, I look about how I did at 30 weeks with Leland. AH! But I’m not too worried, I hear it’s normal so all is well. We ordered a crib today, along with a mobile from etsy (the cutest thing ever!) and have started sorting through some of Leland’s baby clothes. Having another boy is quite nice when it comes to using the same things over again :) One thing I’ve found about being pregnant in the fall/winter is…it’s kind of hard to make your wardrobe work for very long like in the summer. At least for me! I’ve been debating buying a winter coat….actually, I did buy one but the look on Jay’s face when I tried it on for him made me never want to put it on again.  (Let’s just say he looked at me and said “You belong with the Amish.”) Baha. Anyway…I’m so very thankful and excited for what is to come. Here’s to 20 or so more weeks!



happy 20 weeks! you look gorgeous ( i’ve always loved your style ) anyhow, that is nice that you can re-use things but don’t be nervous! God has this in His hands. praying for a healthy baby and a sane mama. <3

Happy halfway mark! I am 20 weeks (21 this coming Sunday), and part of me can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly. The other part of me thinks, yikes, we have the hard part to get through yet… ;)

That sweater is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the colors & the chunky knit!! You look lovely!! :)

you are so beautiful! definitely glowing :)

Congrats- you’re halfway there! You and your sweater are both gorgeous :)


You have really amazing blog followers! You’re a lucky girl =) Love you, Mom

you look amazing! I really love the cardigan too :-)

You look stunning! I think you should post a picture of you wearing that coat. I would like to see Amish Arielle :)

Arielle, you look amazing, as always!! Congratulations on your number two! :) I am so happy for you, and will pray that the Lord continues to overwhelmingly bless you and your beautiful family.

You’re so stinkin’ cute, as usual! Where was your adorable mobile from? I’d love to find a cute one for our lil girl. I have a maternity winter coat that’s pretty cute from H&M. You could always look there if the Amish one doesn’t work out. :)

Stunning! I would love to look half as good as you when I’m pregnant!

LOVE this outfit! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! … even when you wear an “Amish” coat, I’m sure. lol. =)

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